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The path to carbon neutrality of the Four Rings

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Electric future but above all anticipating upcoming needs through an avant-garde approach to sustainability, electric mobility and production. Audi is experiencing one of the most important transformations in its history that will lead it to have a range of more than 30 highly electrified models, of which over 20 electric, and all carbon neutral plants by 2025.

The electric era for the House of the four rings began with the launch in 2018 of the production in Brussels of the Audi e-tron, based on a variant of the longitudinal modular platform Mlb Evo. The Ppe (Premium Platform Electric) platform was jointly developed. to Porsche so as to create the mid-range, full-size and luxury models within the existing factories. Even for the more compact models based on the Meb electric modular platform, such as the new Q4 e-tron, Audi benefits from the synergies within the group, while the e-tron Gt adopts the J1 platform developed by Porsche and is manufactured in the carbon neutral Böllinger Höfe plant. of Neckarsulm, where the Audi R8 is also produced. The Mission: Zero program is at the heart of measures to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. One of the key challenges is to make access to resources efficient and sustainable while protecting biodiversity. The creation of a closed cycle of energy-intensive materials such as plastic, water and aluminum is therefore crucial.


Among the models in preparation there is also the electric sedan A6 e-tron. The German company unveiled a concept, almost definitive, of this car two months ago, which will be based on the Ppe architecture destined, as mentioned, to premium zero-emission models.

Another central aspect comes from the software sector, with the Car.Software Organization division which in the course of 2021 will introduce the first Over the Air updates and by 2024, will present a uniform electronic architecture for the group and an operating system (VW.OS 2.0 ) intended for all brands.

Audi’s first application of this innovative technology will be with the electric flagship developed by the Artemis project, codenamed Landjet. As for batteries, by 2022, vehicles developed on the Meb basis will have smart grid technology and by 2023 a prismatic battery cell to be scaled worldwide will debut.

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