Home Business The pay-per-wash of washing machines debuts on the market: laundry becomes service

The pay-per-wash of washing machines debuts on the market: laundry becomes service

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The pay-per-wash of washing machines debuts on the market: laundry becomes service

It is not a product but a service, like what telephone operators offer on smartphones where you subscribe, take the device and pay for the Sim every month. In this case, you do the laundry in exchange for a monthly fee. The service is called WashPass, Haier announced it and is a novelty for the world of the consumer market. In practice, it is a subscription washing machine, a pay-per-wash borrowed from pay-per-use that is rampant in much of the digital economy. Where, however, the real news is technological.

Haier’s machine uses special cartridges to clean, it is connected and you can talk to it with your smartphone. But she alone she knows what she needs.

The superwashing machine

“All true but the real news is that it does not use a detergent of the kind you find at the supermarket – explains Gianpiero Morbelli, head of grands & IOT Haier Europe to the Sole 24 Ore – but a concentrate of basic chemical components”.

The machine is not a normal washing machine of those you find in stores but a model built ad hoc. It is designed to choose ingredients based on the type of laundry and in the right quantities. A computer vision system transmits the information and also suggests which program to use. «We have calculated – adds Morbelli – that in this way we reach an efficiency higher than 70% compared to a traditional washing machine. Furthermore, there is no waste, in the sense that by fishing for the chemical components needed for that type of laundry, you can save in terms of eco-sustainability ».

Monthly cost based on use

The saving is therefore on the efficiency of the washing, the manager is keen to specify. In fact, being connected, the appliance will automatically order the detergent cartridges and will call the technician in case of maintenance. The cost includes a fixed fee of around 80-100 euros and then a monthly fee based on use which could be 10-20 euros depending on the washing. While the washing machine is the equivalent of a medium-high-end machine with a 10-kilo load. “The performances are superior to normal detergents and there is also the element of attention to the environment”, observes Morbelli who suggests that he wants to focus on the new generations who have shown that they have an idea of ​​ownership and possession for certain products different from the one we say of generation X.

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