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The performance is getting stronger and stronger, the savior Y9000P 2023 is shocked | savior | game book_Sina Technology_Sina.com

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On March 21, 2023, the much-anticipated Lenovo Savior Y9000P 2023 gaming notebook was officially released. With the support of the more powerful RTX40 series graphics card and the 13th generation Core processor, the performance of the machine has soared, giving players Superb gaming experience.

Powerful performance is the most powerful guarantee for playing games freely. The Savior Y9000P 2023 is equipped with Intel 13th generation HX series processors, and can choose i9-13900HX, i7-13700HX, i5-13500HX, among which Core i9-13900HX has 24 cores and 32 threads. The core’s maximum turbo frequency can reach 5.4GHz, and it has a 36MB L3 cache. After Lenovo’s professional performance tuning, Y9000P can achieve a maximum performance release of 140W in balanced mode, which can be described as “multi-core crushing burst output”.

In terms of graphics card, the Savior Y9000P 2023 has an optional RTX4070 graphics card, which has 4608 CUDA cores and a maximum frequency of 2175MHz. It is also equipped with 8GB GDDR6 video memory, and its performance even surpasses the previous generation RTX3070 Laptop. At the same time, it supports the new generation of DLSS 3 and the 4th generation Tensor Core technology, and adopts the new SM multi-unit stream processor, which makes it easy to handle various 3A masterpieces. In addition, players can also switch freely among the three output modes of independent display, integrated display, and mixed display through the built-in dual display and three-mode hot switching function of the notebook.

In order to give full play to the performance of CPU+GPU, the rescuer Y9000P 2023 adopts Frost Blade Pro 5.0, through the 3D Mesh composite main heat pipe and 3D blade Falcon fan, together with the 5X high-performance composite heat pipe, it can quickly dissipate the internal waste heat discharge, so as to maintain stable output.

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For gamers who pursue the ultimate experience, the requirements for the screen are even more stringent. The rescuer Y9000P 2023 is equipped with a 240Hz ultra-competitive screen for the first time, with a screen-to-body ratio of up to 93%, and a narrow bezel design of 16:10. Coupled with 2.5K resolution, 3ms ultra-fast response time, and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, every player feels like they are on the scene when gaming. And it also supports DC dimming and G-SYNC technology to prevent tearing, freezing, and delay of the game screen. Whether it is a game or a professional creation, it can bring better visual performance.

As a thin and light gaming notebook, the Rescuer Y9000P 2023 has an excellent appearance, the metal texture on the A side, and the big Y Logo has also been newly adjusted compared with the previous generation, making the appearance of the whole machine look more individual, and at the same time conveying the avant-garde e-sports aesthetics. The whole machine is as light as 2.55kg and as thin as 22mm-26.8mm, making it portable and light.

More importantly, the Savior Y9000P 2023 supports 140W portable fast charging, which solves the current situation of having to carry an extra “brick” when carrying a gaming laptop, and can reach 92% of the actual game frame rate of the original adapter when using a portable charger.

In addition, the rescuer Y9000P Supreme Edition, rescuer Y7000P, GeekPro G5000, and rescuer Y900 flagship tablet new products will also be launched simultaneously. Among them, the Y9000P Extreme Edition is equipped with i9-13900HX processor + 175W RTX 4080, RTX 4090 graphics card , has almost reached the current upper limit in terms of performance. At the same time, the Y9000P Extreme Edition is equipped with a 330W GaN power adapter, which is more powerful than other products in the series. Players with sufficient budget can consider this gaming notebook.

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In terms of selling price, the initial price of Savior Y9000P 2023 starts at 8,999 yuan; the initial price of Savior Y9000P 2023 Extreme Edition starts at 17,999 yuan; The starting price of the competing host starts at 25,999 yuan.

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