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The Piombino steelmaking center is reborn

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The Piombino steelmaking center is reborn

The memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Piombino and Jsw Steel Italy for the relaunch of the Piombino (Livorno) steelmaking site which also includes «the restart of the production of rolled coils to safeguard employment and reduce the import of steel products into Italy from non-EU countries”. The agreements provide for three months of work to reach the signing of a program agreement.

For Minister Adolfo Urso «with the protocol signed today we lay the foundations for the relaunch of the Piombino steelmaking hub, restoring centrality to an area which, for the transformation of steel, has always been a point of reference in Italy and Europe . This MoU follows the similar one signed with Metinvest last January 17: I am certain that the coexistence of the two investments will bring great advantages in terms of production and supply capacity, restoring Piombino the dignity of a large steelmaking hub in compliance with the highest technological and environmental standards. In this relaunch project – adds the minister – the revamping of the rail train takes on fundamental importance, to relaunch the competitiveness of the historically leading site in the sector. Today is an important stage which implies a further challenge between now and the next few months: the technical work will have to be followed at a rapid pace so as to be able to sign the Program Agreement in a short time and renew the 2018 one.”
«The Italian steel industry is going through a transformation phase. JSW Steel Italy’s investments for the modernization of the Piombino steel site reaffirm our commitment to collaborating with the Italian Government for the growth and economic development of the region”, declares the president of JSW Group, Sajjan Jindal, after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, the Tuscany Region and the Municipality of Piombino for the relaunch of the steelmaking site. «The investment of 143 million euros for the modernization of the Piombino Rail Train will make it the most modern, technologically advanced and best in Europe», he adds, recalling the effort made by the company, also thanks to the work of the vice president vice president by Jsw, Marco Carrai. «This project will safeguard the aspiration to develop Piombino as a steelmaking hub and will increase national production, with a consequent reduction in imports of steel products into Italy».
The president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, then explained that «with this agreement, the Jsw Group takes a step in the right direction to shortly assume binding commitments, in a complementary way to the new Metinvest project, while asking for national support for their investments according to the established rules and procedures. The Tuscany Region is ready to do its part at the working table for the definition of the program agreement, necessarily having to balance investments, employment and environmental protection, infrastructural and energy development”.

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