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The price of most milk tea products increased by 1 yuan after 5 years

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Original title: The price of most milk tea products increased by 1 yuan after 5 years

Zhongxin Finance and Economics on January 5th Dianyuese issued an announcement on January 5th at noon that some products will usher in price increases, and the new prices will be activated on January 7, 2022.

Tea Yanyue Color issued a price increase announcement at noon on January 5.

According to the announcement, the price increase of Cha Yan Yue Se is mainly concentrated on milk tea products, most of which are generally adjusted by 1 yuan. Among them, Zhixiao increased the price by 2 yuan, while the leisurely leisurely, floating half-day, and Zhengzheng paper kite will not increase the price for the time being.

Cha Yanyue Se said that the lack of price increase in the past five years was not because of feelings, but because of two advantages: one is the brand dividend, and the other is the purchase dividend brought by the expansion of scale. After the scale of Chayanyuese was enlarged, the cost advantage brought by a large number of centralized purchases was put on the use of better tea and other raw materials. However, because the raw materials and other costs in the market have been rising year by year, the dividends accumulated before cannot bear a series of superimposed costs.

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