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The racist Navalny, idol of the left, Schlein exploits the tragedy

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The racist Navalny, idol of the left, Schlein exploits the tragedy

This is how Elly Schlein exploits Navalny’s tragedy

The more time passes, the more we realize how politics has become a mere commodity of exchange and exploitation. Exemplary is the case of Navalny and his wife Yulia. The Russian dissident was no saint. A convinced nationalist, racist and sexist, however, he immediately became one left icon who in these cases immediately forgets the aspects that can damage the construction of an icon and the process of posthumous sanctification.

Just think of cases like that of Gino Cecchettin who never found the courage to say whether the profile from which sexist posts towards women started was his or not and woe betide him to talk about it. The processes of sanctification, however, are sweetish cakes built with the sour cream of the hypocrisy that dominates society. And so when something doesn’t add up to how things should be, they are adjusted, modified, distorted, omitted and an omnipresent “Ministry of Truth”, of Orwellian memory, puts everything right by reconstructing the past.

From this perspective, those who say that the “King is naked” are attacked, as he did Salvini who attempted to put a dam on the mainstream mondiale saying that the causes of his disappearance will be ascertained by doctors and magistrates. He was swamped by the solid wave of mud, this time coming mostly from the Ue what trials he doesn’t want to do because he has the truth in his pocket and “yes he already knows everything”.

By Brussels Navalny he was definitely killed by Putin but the rule of law that everyone says they believe in requires investigations and trials and this is the essence of democracy. In Italy the Schlein for his part, he has learned the trade well and therefore manages to use his innate and infantile populism to give grist to his mill.

Now he is looking for a meeting with Yulia Navalny who in the field directly promoted herself as the political heir of her husband, who does everything in the family anyway. A frankly embarrassing situation because in any case the representative role must be achieved on the field and self-proclamation is not enough. For his part Putin he made a move that put the government in difficulty by saying that “Italy is always close” because for a part of the electorate this has always been true.

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Just think about the personal friendship between Silvio Berlusconi e Vladimir Putin. Not Forza Italia it made a 180 degree turn but everyone remembers these facts well and the Cavaliere himself never accepted the EU’s position on this matter. So the contradiction is not there Salvini but in those who have changed their minds.

Furthermore, we must be careful not to be too zealous with the EU because there will be American elections soon and Donald Trump he is super favored over the vented and played Joe Biden. Trump is also friends with Putin and it would be a little difficult for the EU to go against the USA and Russia at the same time and we are certain that the shrewd Eurocrats in Brussels would quickly make a new U-turn.

TrumpFurthermore, he has always had an excellent relationship with Giorgia Meloni e Matteo Salvini and therefore it is necessary to have an eye also projected towards the future to avoid finding oneself embarrassed and displaced.

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