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The real car has not yet been delivered to the extremely krypton 001 car owners issued a joint statement to defend their rights due to the discolored sunroof-IT and traffic

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On April 15, Jikrypton 001 was officially launched, and three models were launched.Don’t be long battery life dual-motor WE version, ultra-long battery life single-motor WE version, and ultra-long battery life dual-motor YOU version, the price range is 281-36 million yuan.Compared with Tesla, Xiaopeng, Weilai and other models, Jikr 001 has obvious competitive advantages in terms of price, power, configuration, and luxury attributes.

The tree attracts the wind, and the official “sao operation” of the extremely krypton continues, which also leads to the extremely krypton 001. The actual car has not been delivered, and the owner of the book has maintained wave after wave of rights.Prior to this, due to issues such as “price increase, motor replacement, partial configuration reduction”, etc., Jikrypton 001 was also made a lot of noise on the Internet.

A few days ago, some netizens broke the news that the owner of Jikr 001 produced a “Joint Statement” poster to make a statement to the official of Jikr on the issues related to the EC canopy:

We are the owner of the optional car for Ultra Krypton EC canopy,Concerned about the serious discrepancy between the video and photos related to the ultra-krypton 001 EC canopy and the official legend and animation of the ultra-krypton.

Since its online exposure, the EC canopy has been questioned and dissatisfied with the optional car owners, but the official has not paid attention to it, and has not responded positively to the car owners’ concerns, nor has it released the official video and photos of the EC canopy. On the contrary, the official EC canopy In the face of doubts from the car owner, he chose to quietly delete and modify the controversial animation of the EC canopy.

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We believe that this behavior is suspected of trying to destroy the misleading legend, and we express our strong dissatisfaction and anger in this regard.We hope that the official website of Jikrypton pays attention to the voices of users and responds to car owners’ concerns in a timely manner. If the pictures posted on the Internet do not match the facts, please clarify and show the normal effect of the EC canopy real car in time to see and hear.

If the online exposure picture and video is indeed a real car EC canopy, please also ask the official to explain that we EC canopy owners do not accept misleading consumption, do not recognize the real car effect of the blue canopy, and are not satisfied with the real car EC canopy. the behavior of.

Please face up to the problem and take the initiative to provide solutions. Although the owners of EC Sky Screen are a minority group, do not underestimate the power of unity.I hope that Jikrypton will be a responsible and responsible enterprise that makes every member of Jikrypton proud.

At the same time, at the end of the statement, the surnames of more than 50 reserved car owners and the last four digits of the vehicle order were posted to prove the validity of the statement.

In addition, why many car owners have not even delivered the real car, and they are beginning to mind such an EC canopy issue.

It is understood that the EC canopy equipped with Krypton 001 is an EC light-sensitive canopy, that is, “EC solid-state electrochromic glass technology.”

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According to the official introduction, the EC light-sensitive canopy equipped with Krypton 001 is transparent under normal conditions and can transmit light normally and feel the warmth of the sun.

In the discoloration state, the glass is sky blue, the UV blocking rate is as high as 99.9%, the SPF sun protection factor can reach 50, the wave black spot effect UVA (wave 320 ~ 420nm) transmittance is less than 6%, and the protection effect can reach the PA++++ level.

At the same time, the EC light-sensitive sky curtain also has the characteristics of thermal radiation isolation (TTS<20%) and transparency, blocking infrared rays, shading, heat insulation and privacy.

However, many car owners found that before the official promotion of the extremely krypton,The color of the EC light canopy is black, while the real car photos shown recently are sky blue. Therefore, the car owner expressed disapproval of this, and then the above-mentioned rights protection statement appeared.

As a non-scheduled car owner, I can only feel that it is a bit difficult for the extremely krypton car. This car owner is really not easy to entertain.As a major domestic car manufacturer, Jikrypton brand must pay more attention to everything in its publicity, and try not to make mistakes or omissions, because the Internet also has memories in the era of Internet car manufacturing.


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