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The real shot of the McLaren Artura McLaren P1 is coming-iCar Mobile

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When McLaren once again brought it back from the F1 field in 11 years, we seem to be looking forward to the revival of the McLaren era. The advanced technical experience in F1 events will undoubtedly make the factory team better. Locally feed back the civilian market. Before F1 officially entered the hybrid era, McLaren demonstrated an advanced hybrid supercar concept. With the KERS kinetic energy recovery system on F1, the McLaren P1 was developed with a sky-high price of 12.6 million yuan with Ferrari Laferrai. , Porsche 918 is called the three outstanding dream supercars. However, today’s hybrid technology is no longer so unattainable. If I told you that McLaren launched a “diluted formula” version of the P1, the price is less than 1/5 of the P1, would you be impressed? This time it not only abandoned the ancestral 3.8L twin-turbo V8 engine, but also adopted a brand-new V6 engine as the plug-in hybrid power, which is the McLaren Artura.

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_20211010013630269233250748723.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013630269233250748723.jpg’/>Click on any picture to enter the gallery to browse

Just as McLaren and Ferrari compete in the F1 field, the two brands have successively launched the first mid-mounted rear-drive + V6 plug-in hybrid super sports car in the civilian car market. The time between their debut in China is only separated. 1 day. For McLaren, Artura is more like a symbol of helping the brand move forward and heralding the era of electrification, while for Ferrari, Artura is more like the historical heritage of V6 through the concept of hybrids, setting off a wave Retro feelings. However, whether it is forward or backward, as long as we realize that hybrid technology is not only to serve fuel economy, but more importantly, to improve performance, perhaps we can understand the supercar brand’s respect for plug-in hybrid systems. significance.

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“The McLaren Artura is priced at 2.38 million yuan and is currently accepting reservations. The first batch of vehicles will be delivered to customers in the fourth quarter of 2021.”

The new 3.0T V6 plug-in hybrid replaces the ancestral 3.8T V8 engine

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013630408433178005629.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013630408433178005629.jpg’/>

Among them, the compact axial flux motor is installed inside the gearbox housing. Its volume is smaller than the radial motor used in P1, but its energy density is 33% higher. Its existence is for torque compensation and kinetic energy recovery. , Can basically be understood as the MGU-K system in F1. The addition of this motor can bring 95 horsepower and 225Nm torque output.

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013630736859162947449.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013630736859162947449.jpg’/>

The whole device is bolted to the rear of the single chassis to ensure rigidity requirements and weight distribution. The battery pack is composed of 5 lithium-ion battery modules with a capacity of only 7.4KWh, a pure electric battery life of 30km, and the charging speed is not very fast. It takes 2.5 hours to charge to 80%.

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013615787388470399977.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013615787388470399977.jpg’/>

Due to the reduced displacement, the size of the engine compartment is 15cm shorter than that of the V8, and two huge turbines will also be placed between the cylinder blocks. The weight of this dry sump aluminum engine is only 160kg, and the maximum output power is 430kW (585 horsepower), the peak torque is 585Nm, and the speed red zone is 8500rpm.

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013615980364985967912.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013615980364985967912.jpg’/>

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013615816840392125527.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013615816840392125527.jpg’/>

As for the driving mode, Artura provides four choices. The EV mode has a maximum speed of 120km/h and is a rear-drive form; the comfort mode allows the vehicle to turn off the engine below 40km/h and extends the working time of the start-stop system. When the power demand is higher, the engine will be started gradually; while the sports mode and the track mode allow the motor to respond quickly to fill up the low torque of the engine, and the electronic shock absorption and ESC intervention range can also be adjusted separately. The official data for fuel consumption is only 5.5L/100km.

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McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013615832432520774716.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013615832432520774716.jpg’/>

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013614978280600808154.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013614978280600808154.jpg’/>

McLaren Artura real shot diagram” class=lazy data-original=”https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/846_635_20211010013459192497919451318.jpg” large-photo=’https://img1.xcarimg.com/drive/4/39608/20211010013459192497919451318.jpg’/>

The advantage of this design is that it can not only reduce the understeer situation when accelerating when exiting a corner, but also make the electronically controlled differential and the 50kg downforce provided by the spoiler and diffuser for low-speed driving, ensuring sensitivity and high-speed stability Performance, thereby effectively improving the tracking ability of the vehicle.


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