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The revolution that will come after the virus

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The revolution is upon us. Quella of the economy, of our ways of living. The change we had imagined is becoming a reality. What was paradoxical yesterday is now turning into actuality. Until recently, the idea that chemistry could go green seemed like a heresy. Today, on the contrary, ecoplasty is a candidate to become one of the engines of the Northwest economic system. Favored by the fact that the raw material, the waste from agricultural processing, are widely present in the territory. Almost like having an oil well in your home.

It is not the only paradox with respect to the ideas and clichés of the twentieth century. Who said you can’t eat with culture? The fact that the museums in this part of Italy are among the most importantnts of the Peninsula, network to create a system, can become an added value. For much of the last century these were not the main goals of those who went to the productive Northwest. But today also culture becomes a decisive element for the economic system. Not only, of course, for the tourists it is able to attract but also for the weight they can have in investment choices. For large multinationals as well as for small start-ups, sending their managers to an attractive place also from the point of view of cultural life can be decisive. Especially after the pandemic when, thanks to teleworking, the physical location of the management and design offices no longer has the importance it once was.

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Changes already underway for years that Covid has inevitably accelerated. Changes that need a profound restructuring of the logistics system. The new port of Genoa, which Pnrr funds will end up profoundly renovating, will have to become one of the most important European terminals, head station of the North-South line of continental freightthe.

Is the Northwest prepared for this revolution? In theory there are all the elements to answer in the affirmative. Of course, if the delays and hesitations of the political buildings had not wasted time in the realization of the Turin-Lyon, the East-West axis would also be on the home straight. And above all, it could make this area of ​​the country more strategic also in the internal geography of a large group like Stellantis. Because the choices made in periods of rapid transformation like this can decide the economic life or death of a territory.

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