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The Revolutionary Humanoid Robot: A Breakthrough in Real-Time Conversations

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The Revolutionary Humanoid Robot: A Breakthrough in Real-Time Conversations

Developer Figure shared the demo of the new humanoid robot that can hold a conversation in real time. The fruits of his collaboration with OpenIA surprised the world.

Through social networks, the video was published that showed Figure 01 interacting fluidly with a person. You can do complete conversations thanks to the integration with ChatGPT.

At the beginning of the footage, a human is heard asking the robot: “Figure One, what do you see right now?” The prototype responded immediately: “I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table, a drying rack with cups.”

The company shared that this collaboration allows the model to have “fast, low-level, and dexterous robotic actions.” “Our robot can describe its visual experience, plan future actions, reflect on its memory, and explain its reasoning verbally,” the model’s creator, Corey Lynch, wrote on his X account.

During the video, the machine was put to the test on tasks such as identifying an apple, plates and cups. Also, collect trash and place it in a basket. He did them all.

According to the creator, its functions are developed by feeding images from integrated cameras that transcribe the text and speech captured by the microphone.

“The model processes the entire history of the conversation, including past images, to generate linguistic responses, which are returned to the human via text-to-speech,” Lynch said.

Figure One is designed to describe your environment and apply “common sense” when making decisions. The researchers and developers who took charge of the project detailed that all behaviors are driven by transformative policies.

“These networks capture integrated images at 10 Hz and generate actions with 24 degrees of freedom,” said the designer. This would result in wrist posture and angles at the finger joints.

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Even for their collaborators it means an important change, because years ago they could not imagine having a complete conversation with a robot while carrying out a task.

Brett Adcock, co-founder and CEO of Figure, said: “Our goal is to train a model of the world to operate humanoid robots at the billion-unit level.”

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