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The Rise of Golden Beans: Young People Embrace Small-Gram Gold Products as a Trendy Investment

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Title: Young People Embrace “Golden Beans” as an Innovative Financial Investment Trend

Subtitle: Consumer Enthusiasm for Small-Gram Gold Products Surges Amidst Rising Gold Prices

In recent times, as the retail gold price in China has skyrocketed above 600 yuan per gram, domestic gold prices continue to rise. However, consumer enthusiasm for investing in gold has not subsided. A new trend has emerged among young people who are no longer satisfied with purchasing traditional gold jewelry but have turned their attention to small-gram gold products, particularly “Golden Doudou” or “Golden Beans”.

The popularity of small-gram gold products, especially “Golden Doudou”, has gained traction among the younger generation. These products are selling well both online and offline, with many young people making it a daily routine to watch gold prices, participate in live streams, and purchase golden beans. Despite the high retail prices, gold jewelry continues to be in high demand.

Experts in the field offer some insights into the increasing purchasing trend. Xia Yingying, a metal analyst at Nanhua Futures, believes that the center of gravity for gold prices is expected to continue rising in the future. Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, also reminds investors to clarify their investment goals and risk tolerance, cautioning against blindly following trends.

Zhang Han, a young woman born in the 1990s, shares her experience of saving golden beans. Every month, she purchases a small golden bean when the gold price is low and stores it in a special glass jar. Zhang finds the act of watching her collection of golden beans grow akin to saving coins in a piggy bank from her childhood days, finding it satisfying and ritualistic.

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Purchasing golden beans not only provides the pleasure of shopping but also serves as a form of forced savings. With the rising popularity of golden beans, many young people have adopted this investment method. The retail market for golden beans has seen significant growth, with these small-gram gold products becoming best-sellers on major e-commerce platforms and online live-streaming channels.

Social platforms have also witnessed the “gold-saving trend” with people sharing their golden bean collections, buying strategies, and personal stories. The investment philosophy of “buying gold beans when happy, buying two when unhappy” has gained traction among the younger demographic.

Companies operating in the gold market have taken notice of this trend and are offering not only golden beans but also related peripheral products. For instance, there is now a golden piggy bank designed specifically to store golden beans, which has become highly popular among consumers.

In light of this trend, gold merchants have reported a 1 to 2 times increase in sales compared to previous years. Some stores even require advanced reservations due to high demand. Despite the record-breaking gold prices, consumers are eager to invest in golden beans, fearing that prices will continue to rise. Additionally, the upcoming National Day holiday season and wedding season also contribute to the surge in demand for gold products.

According to the China Gold Association, national gold consumption increased by 16.37% in the first half of this year. Light-weight gold jewelry has proven particularly popular among consumers. This trend has played a significant role in expanding domestic demand and boosting consumption in China.

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The reasons behind the boom in gold buying can be attributed to the approaching holidays, increased demand for weddings, the recovery of the industry and manufacturing sectors, and the decline in yields of various financial products due to lower bank deposit interest rates.

As the popularity of “Golden Beans” continues to rise, it represents an innovative and accessible financial investment for young people. However, experts caution individuals to assess their investment goals and risk tolerance before blindly following investment trends. With the ongoing rise in gold prices and consumer enthusiasm for small-gram gold products, the “Golden Beans” trend is expected to grow steadily.

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