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The Rise of MG ZS: How a Budget Vehicle Displaced European Brands to Become Spain’s Best-Seller

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The Rise of MG ZS: How a Budget Vehicle Displaced European Brands to Become Spain’s Best-Seller

MG ZS Ousts Dacia Sandero as Best-Selling Car in Spain

In a significant milestone for the Chinese automotive giant SAIC Motor Corporation, their flagship model, the MG ZS, has surpassed the Dacia Sandero to become the best-selling car in Spain. This achievement highlights the gradual and remarkable growth of the MG brand in the Spanish market, especially when compared to long-established European brands.

During the month of August, the MG ZS recorded a total of 1,916 units sold, exceeding the Dacia Sandero by 98 cars. It also outperformed the Toyota Corolla by 548 vehicles, as the latter registered only 1,368 units. This historic feat was not entirely surprising, as in July, the MG ZS trailed behind the Dacia Sandero by only 127 registered vehicles.

One may wonder what led to the success of the MG ZS. It appears that the brand has capitalized on market opportunities created by European manufacturers who are focusing on electrifying their vehicles while disregarding price competitiveness. The MG ZS, despite its lack of extravagant features, has managed to capture consumer attention. Now, let’s delve into the key aspects contributing to its incredible triumph in the Spanish automotive market.

The MG ZS stands out as a Chinese SUV measuring 4.32 meters in length, surpassing well-known models like the Renault Captur. It was introduced to the Spanish market in 2020, initially only offering an electric version with 143 horsepower. However, this was soon replaced by two other variants: one with 177 horsepower, a 50kWh battery, and a range of 320 kilometers; and another with 156 horsepower, a 7 kWh battery, and 440 kilometers of autonomy. Notably, the MG ZS also introduced two gasoline versions: one with a 1.5-liter atmospheric 4-cylinder engine producing 106 horsepower, and another with a 1.0-liter turbo three-cylinder engine delivering 111 horsepower. This move gave MG a competitive edge over other brands.

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Both gasoline versions offer similar benefits, featuring front-wheel drive and available in Comfort and Luxury trim levels. The turbo version offers a more responsive performance at lower revs. However, the real key to the MG ZS’s success appears to be the affordable price tag of the MG ZS 1.5 Comfort. Additionally, the manufacturer maintains a significant inventory of units, ensuring minimal waiting times for customers. This combination of affordability and availability has undoubtedly propelled the MG ZS to become the flagship model of the SAIC Motor Corporation in the Spanish market.

The MG ZS’s achievement in becoming Spain’s best-selling car is a testament to the brand’s strategic positioning and value proposition in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape. As European manufacturers focus on electrification, MG has stepped in to meet the demand for competitively priced vehicles without compromising on quality and performance. With its growing market presence, the future looks promising for the MG brand in Spain.

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