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The Romantic Sight: Giant Bouquets of Trees in Hangzhou

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Title: Towering Trees in Hangzhou Turned into Giant Bouquets, Creating a Romantic Scene

Hangzhou, China – In a surprising sight that captivated netizens, a large tree in Xiasha, Hangzhou was recently transformed into a massive bouquet. Passersby couldn’t resist taking out their mobile phones to capture the unique scene.

The picturesque incident unfolded in the bustling streets of Hangzhou, garnering attention and admiration from both locals and tourists. The tree bouquet became a symbol of romance, further enhancing Hangzhou’s reputation as a city known for its romantic atmosphere.

Hangzhou, often referred to as the “Paradise on Earth,” has long been known for its romantic allure. From its tranquil West Lake to its enchanting landscapes, the city has inspired countless tales of love and romance.

This recent incident ignited discussions on various social media platforms, with netizens sharing their own memories and experiences of romance in Hangzhou. Citizens expressed their delight at witnessing yet another manifestation of the city’s romantic essence.

The incident also brought attention to other romantic aspects of Hangzhou. One notable mention was the opening of Bus Route 1314. Launched on August 7, 2019, the love-themed bus line instantly became a sensation, connecting the best attractions of the West Lake and allowing couples to embark on a romantic journey together.

The 1314 bus line, which starts from Lakeside Park on the east bank of the West Lake, encompasses renowned attractions such as Orioles in the Willows, Nanping Evening Bell, Leifeng Pagoda, Prince Bay, Maojiabu, Lingyin Temple, Sanshengshi, Meijiawu, and Yunqi Bamboo Trail. This carefully planned route truly reflects the historical significance and romance associated with these attractions, offering a romantic experience for passengers.

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In addition to the romantic bus line, Hangzhou will soon witness the early bloom of its elevated rose trees. This year, approximately 2.15 million roses will blossom across the city’s elevated highways, with more than 40 varieties on display. The early bloom, scheduled to coincide with the upcoming Asian Games, will treat visitors to the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of the city’s beloved flower.

The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was yet another noteworthy event that showcased the city’s romantic ambiance. Aligned with the autumnal equinox, the ceremony incorporated the fragrance of osmanthus, a flower symbolic of good fortune. As athletes from various countries and regions entered the stadium, a mesmerizing display of the “Osmanthus Drum” welcomed them and highlighted Hangzhou’s cultural heritage.

Simulated osmanthus petals showered the stadium, enveloping the audience in a sensory experience of visual splendor and aromatic bliss. This grand spectacle allowed spectators to immerse themselves in the essence of Hangzhou, as the fragrant osmanthus symbolized prosperity and success.

The recent incident of the tree transformed into a giant bouquet has added another chapter to Hangzhou’s collection of romantic tales. As the city continues to inspire love and captivate hearts, it remains a destination that embodies elegance, beauty, and enchantment, beckoning lovers from around the world.

Source: Hangzhou Daily

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