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The sale of its core subsidiary, Yonghe Zhikong, intends to re-acquire the assets of tumor hospitals_listed company_科技_医疗

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Original title: The sale of its core subsidiary, Yonghe Zhikong, intends to re-acquire the assets of Cancer Hospital

After two delays in replying to the exchange inquiry letter, Yonghe Zhikong (002795) announced the termination of the major restructuring of the sale of its core subsidiaries.

Sale of core subsidiariesFell through

On the evening of December 19, Yonghe Zhikong disclosed an announcement on the termination of major asset restructuring and related party transactions.

The company previously disclosed on November 3 that it intends to sell Zhejiang Yonghe Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yonghe Technology“) 100% equity.

The announcement shows that the actual controller of Zhiba Technology is Ying Xueqing, and Ying Xueqing holds 6.16% of the shares of the listed company. Its concerted person Chen Xianyun holds 8.22% of the shares of the listed company. This transaction also constitutes a connected transaction.

Yonghe Technology is the core asset of Yonghe Intelligent Control.

Yonghe Intelligent Control was listed in 2016. The core asset fluid intelligent control business at the time of IPO was carried by Yonghe Technology. Since then, the company has gradually deployed the medical and health industry, and its main business has been adjusted to the medical and health industry and fluid intelligent control business, but the fluid intelligent control business It still contributes most of its revenue to Yonghe Intelligent Control.

Although Yonghe Intelligent Control announced that after the completion of this transaction, the listed company will divest the company’s fluid intelligent control business, so that the company will focus on the medical and health industry, further optimize the capital structure of the listed company, reduce the listed company’s asset-liability ratio, and reduce the listed company’s Financial costs, while using the recovered funds to invest in the medical and health industry to enhance sustainable development capabilities is conducive to safeguarding the interests of listed companies and all shareholders, but this move still arouses the attention of regulators.

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On November 10, Yonghe Intelligent Controls announced that it had received a non-licensed reorganization inquiry letter. The inquiry letter required the company to explain whether the transaction constitutes a “shell-clearing” reorganization, and that the company stated that the relevant indicators have been significantly better than those since its listing. The price of this transaction evaluates the reasonableness of the forecast period, and on the basis of comparing the financial data and changing trends of companies in the same industry, it explains the authenticity of the company’s performance since its listing, and the reason and rationality for the sale of the first listed assets within 5 years after the listing. sex.

In addition, because the transferee Zhiba Technology is an enterprise of Ying Xueqing, the original controller of the listed company. The inquiry letter also requested Yonghe Intelligent Control to explain whether this transaction constitutes a management buyout under the circumstances of Ying Xueqing’s actual operation and management of Yonghe Technology, whether there is any profit adjustment in Yonghe Technology during the reporting period, and whether there is a low-cost transfer transaction subject Give the original actual controller the control of the enterprise, etc.

After more than a month, Yonghe Zhikong finally failed to respond to the above questions. The company announced on the evening of the 19th that in view of the long duration of this major asset reorganization, and the validity period of the evaluation report and audit report involved is about to expire, it needs to be renewed after expiration. Determining the audit and evaluation base date, and re-auditing and evaluating the work will lead to greater uncertainty in the core terms of the transaction. Based on the principle of prudence, starting from the effective protection of the interests of all shareholders, the company communicates with the counterparty and communicates with the counterparty. After careful study, it was decided to terminate this major asset reorganization and related-party transaction and to sign a related termination agreement with the counterparty.

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Proposed re-merger of tumor hospital assets

Yonghe Intelligent Control stated in the announcement that after the above-mentioned transaction is terminated, the company will expand and strengthen the tumor precision radiotherapy specialist hospital in accordance with the previously established strategy. Up to now, the company has acquired Dazhou Medical Tumor Hospital, Kunming Medical Tumor Hospital, Liangshan High-tech Tumor Hospital, and signed the relevant equity acquisition agreement regarding Xi’an Medical Tumor Hospital on the same day. The company will steadily expand the market size of lock-type specialized hospitals for precision radiotherapy on tumors, and build a nationwide oncology medical service network.

On the evening of the 19th, the company disclosed that its wholly-owned subsidiary Chengdu Yonghecheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu Yonghecheng”) intends to acquire 37.2139% of the shares of Xi’an Medical Tumor Hospital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xi’an Medical”) by way of cash payment , After the completion of the transaction, Chengdu Yonghecheng will hold a total of 57% of the shares of Xi’an Medical, and Xi’an Medical will become the holding subsidiary of Chengdu Yonghecheng.

Xi’an Medical is a national chain cancer specialist hospital focusing on precision radiotherapy. The hospital has 100 beds, and the departments of diagnosis and treatment include internal medicine (oncology), surgery (oncology), and radiotherapy. It is equipped with high-end advanced medical equipment, which can be widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors in various parts of the body.

The announcement of Yonghe Intelligent Control shows that the company began to implement industrial transformation in 2019 and has clarified the strategic development idea of ​​”taking great health as the goal”. Up to now, the company has completed acquisitions of Dazhou Medical Tumor Hospital, Kunming Medical Tumor Hospital, equity participation in Xi’an Medical Tumor Hospital, invested in the establishment of Chongqing Huapu Tumor Hospital Co., Ltd., and actively developed a chain-type specialty hospital business model with tumor precision radiotherapy as the core service .

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At present, more than 95% of the company’s valve and pipe products are exported overseas, mainly to developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States. In recent years, due to the weak growth of overseas economies, the complicated and changeable trade policies of Europe and the United States with China, the increasing prevalence of trade protectionism and unilateralism, the continued global new crown epidemic and other factors have had a substantial impact on the company’s traditional valve and fittings industry. The pipe fitting business has entered a development bottleneck period.

In addition, since mid-September 2021, power rationing has occurred in many provinces across the country. Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, where the liquid intelligent control business of the listed company is located, has currently imposed curtailment measures on manufacturing companies within its jurisdiction. Yonghe Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a listed company, is required to stop using electricity in the factory from 7 to 23:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from September 27, 2021. The policy is expected to last until April 2022, and it is not clear whether the local government will continue power curtailment measures in the future. In order to ensure the company’s future sustainable development capabilities, the company urgently needs to transform and upgrade from its current high-energy-consuming manufacturing model.Return to Sohu to see more


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