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The scale of new local bond issuance in the first quarter will exceed 700 billion yuan | Futures_Sina Finance_Sina Network

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Original title: The scale of new local bond issuance in the first quarter will exceed 700 billion yuan Source: Securities Daily

The curtain of local bond issuance in 2022 is about to kick off. According to the information disclosed by the China Bond Information Network, as of January 9, 15 regions including Fujian, Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang have disclosed the issuance plans of local government bonds in the first quarter, and the total issuance of new local bonds 700.134 billion yuan in debt, and 71.25 billion yuan in refinancing bonds.

Zhang Yiqun, deputy director of the Performance Management Committee of the China Society for Finance and Economics, told the Securities Daily reporter that the issuance of new local bonds this year will show a significant acceleration, and compared with the previous year, both the issuance scale and the issuance rhythm will be significantly different. First, the demand for funds for continuous economic recovery has gradually increased, and it is necessary to increase government investment and expand the issuance of local bonds; In the context of slowing economic growth, the contradiction between fiscal revenue and expenditure has become more prominent. Accelerating the issuance of local bonds has become an important source of filling the fiscal investment gap, and has also become an important policy tool for implementing counter-cyclical and cross-cyclical adjustments.

According to the disclosed local bond issuance plan, on January 7, Henan Province released the 2022 government special bonds (phases 1 to 9) information disclosure documents, and will issue 38.201 billion yuan of new special bonds through bidding on January 13. , mainly used for urban and rural development, social undertakings, and shantytown renovation.

In addition, Hubei Province also announced the information disclosure document of the 2022 government general bonds (1 to 3 tranches) on the same day, and will issue 18.4 billion yuan of new general bonds by tender on January 14. All funds raised will be used for public welfare infrastructure construction and other projects.

Liu Xiangdong, deputy director of the Economic Research Department of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, told the “Securities Daily” reporter that the issuance of new local bonds will be accelerated this year. In addition, the stock funds issued last year should be built ahead of schedule or moderately ahead of schedule, aiming at the “14th Five-Year Plan”. For the key projects identified in the plan, increase the amount of physical work in the early stage of construction, and play a supporting role in stabilizing investment and growth.

The reporter noticed that recently, a number of major projects have been started in many places, and the project investment is “a good start”. For example, on January 4th, Xiamen held a New Year’s “good start” major project start-up activity. The city’s 132 projects were started in a centralized manner, with a total investment of 115.1 billion yuan; on January 6th, the first batch of major projects in Shanghai’s “Five New Cities” started to be started. There are a total of 40 projects with a total investment of 132.82 billion yuan, involving high-end industries, technological innovation, infrastructure, major livelihood and other fields.

“It is expected that the economic growth will remain at around 5% for the whole year of this year. The start of construction of major projects is the key to achieving economic growth this year. The continuous scale and intensity of new local bond issuance will become an important force to help this year’s economic development.” Zhang Yiqun said On the one hand, the start of major projects is conducive to stabilizing investment growth and economic expectations, and enhancing the confidence of the whole society in economic growth; key role.

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