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The shares to buy and sell today in Piazza Affari

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The shares to buy and sell today in Piazza Affari

The shares to buy and sell today in Piazza Affari

European Stock Exchanges Seen to Open Lower, EuroStoxx 50 Index Futures -0.7%. after the incident of the Chinese balloon shot down by the US. The best action today February 6 in Piazza Affari is Unicredit. Sell ​​Soul



collects only 34 million in JanuarySELL.  Jefferies prefer B. GENERALI from MEDILAN by FINECOBANK.


BNP raises the target from 22.7 to 26 eu, it is the highest among the Bloomberg consensusBuy



The raising of capital by Bio4Dreams, an incubator (certified by MISE) of innovative startups in the Biotech field, has started on the portal. The funds raised on CrowdFundMe will serve to accelerate the expansion of Bio4Dreams, within a process that envisages listing on the Stock Exchange in 2025. Bio4Dreams owns a diversified portfolio of 12 investee companies whose current value is estimated at 57,560,000 euros. In the incubator team, which boasts partners of the caliber of Janssen Cilag SpA, there is Laura Iris Ferro (co-founder), among the 50 Most Powerful Women of Fortune Italia and founder of numerous biotech companies (including Gentium, listed on the Nasdaq).


“Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend” is among the most watched on Prime Video. Since January 19, the day it landed on the platform, the film, produced by Lambo Film and created through the executive production curated by Ilbe, has been among the three most viewed films on the platform for 13 days. For an 8 day period it was the most viewed. But that is not all. “Applause”, part of the Tell It Like a Woman soundtracka film produced by Ilbe, got an Oscar nomination for best song.


It took over 52% of Smit Srl, a company active in the supply of heating and boiler maintenance systems and solutions. The operation, worth 72,806.76 euros, has an industrial and commercial strategic value, because it allows Lindbergh to expand its division “Network Management”, the heart of social activity.


Accelerate upwards. Friday +4.87% to €15.94, reaching prices he hadn’t seen for over 4 months. The market appreciated the indications provided regarding the 2023 estimates: Expected revenues between 1.44 and 1.51 billion euros, approximately +29% compared to the 2022 forecasts, released on September 12 of last year. Since the beginning of 2023 the share has risen by 20%. He had finished 2022 with an excellent +13%. Bloomberg Consensus Records 3 Buys with an average target price of 21.17 euros.


FTSE MIB (26.950)

The first week of February extends the rally that started in October. At this point, the next serious obstacle to overcome is on the top in the area of ​​28 thousand points.

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At the last Fed meeting, “what the market expected, which is a strong reaction against the easing of financial conditions over the past two months, did not occur”, underlines Jake Jolly, senior investment strategist at Bny Mellon Investment Management. Since that has not been the case, the market is sensing that the end of this cycle is approaching. And that’s good for the stock.



With the closing at €1.78 it returns to the tops of the period reached during the week. The scenario for the sector is increasingly favourable. It can be bought even now, given the large upside space


€4.1: the rally continues in an orderly fashion. With the break of the 3.80/4.0 area tip at €5.6


€2.38. The sharp negative reaction to the very robust quarterly data has the flavor of profit taking. Leveraging the downturn to buy.


Consolidate at €0.28 supported by speculative hypotheses.The picture is improving.


Closing at €6.95 The overcoming of resistance in the €6 area favors the continuation of the rally, which started from the lows of €4 towards the absolute tops at €7.6.


Closing at €25.52 The correction does not invalidate the signals favorable to a further medium-term extension. Bregal Milestone has paid a further 30 million euros, reaching a stake of approximately 16% in the capital of Infocert. Recommendation on Tinexta by Websim is VERY INTERESTINGcon target price a 30 euro. Take advantage of the discounts to buy.


At €18.02, the price on the tops since 2015. Overcoming the resistances in the 16 eu area projects targets towards the next range, important watershed in the medium term, in the 18-20€ area




ENVENT has confirmed the Outperform rating on the company active in the short-term rental sector. The TP is maintained at €2.3 and has an upside potential of over 100%. For 2023, continued growth is expected in the travel and tourism sector, especially in Europe. Rising inflation is also driving tourists to look for affordable accommodation. In Italy, there is also an increase in second homes available for short-term rentals, and owners are increasingly looking for additional income. According to analysts, 2023 should be the year of the return to profit, expected at 0.3 million euros. Revenues should settle at 13.2 million, from the previous 8.9 million. The operating margin should reach the figure of 1 million, against the previous figure of 0.2 million.


Equity Sim raised the Tp to €17.50. “Happy fourth quarter. Few forecasts for 2023, however better. Let’s raise estimates and TP. Delisting from Milan, but it will take a year”, summarize the analysts. Mediobanca Securities ha raised the TP to €20.8 from €20, reflecting an update of the estimates after the fourth quarter accounts exceeded the consensus and the expectations of the same analysts in terms of Industrial Ebit.

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Equity Sim got up at €213 the PT “Fourth quarter 2022 and 2023 forecast higher than expected”. Jefferies he lifted and 225 to 235€. Mediobanca and 239 a 276 €, confirming the Outperform recommendation. Fourth quarter 2022 accounts beat 2023 expectations and estimates. From BHF raised the TP from €270 to €300, confirming the Outperform recommendation. Swiss credit raised the TP from $290 to $310, confirming the Outperform recommendation. Understanding Sanpaolo raised the TP from 244,8 a 285,2 €


Understanding Sanpaolo raised and 0,95 to 1,1 € the TP confirming the recommendation ADD. The preliminary data for 2022 “demonstrated Geox’s ability to achieve the progress envisaged in the 2022-2024 plan, not only on revenues, but also on the recovery of profitability”, the analysts explain. 2022-2024 revenue estimates are improved by an average of 4.3% Per WebSim– seized the opportunity to undertake a profound turnaround during the pandemic, leaving the company leaner and better positioned to face the current phase, with product focus, brand renewal and optimization of logistics models. The results are already visible despite the one-off headwinds that mitigated its full potential. After the preliminary 2022 results, current valuations look even more depressed than before. The stock is trading at around 4x its historical – and fair – 8x multiple. Analysts spurred on by reported results and outlook raise TP to €1.4 from €0.92, INTERESTING recommendation.


Equity Sim confirms the BUY and TP rating of €10.8 after the “reassuring” forecast by Assolavoro on the administration sector. The messages are reassuring (although purely qualitative/generic), the experts point out, who note that the company has a “solid financial” structure.


Morgan Stanley he lifted da Equal-Weight a Overweight the judgement, with TP at €5.50. “We appreciate Pirelli’s strategy and see the replacement demand for solid high-end tyres. Stock appears on low ratings”


Among the world leaders for helmets and other safety equipment, it has become an “issuer of financial instruments widely disseminated among the public to a significant extent”. The number of shareholders, other than controlling shareholders, which they hold overall at least 5% of the share capital is greater than 500. Over the past six months, the stock has gained about 21%. The company was listed in November 2021 at a placement price of 4.5 euros, now trading at 5.15 euros. The title is covered by Midcap, which assigned the Buy rating (Very Interesting), with a target price of 6.1 euros.

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None report



Jefferies confirm the recommendation HOLD and the TP at €2.4 after the 2022 accounts. Analysts appreciate the confirmation of the buyback, but highlight how the estimate for 2023 profit well over €5.5 billion compares with a consensus of around €5.8 billion



Deutsche Bank downgraded the stock rating of the online clothing and accessories retailer to HOLD from BUY.


Analysts stressed that talks with TERACT to merge French retail operations will not compensate for the supermarket group’s urgent needto reduce debt.


Ten-Year Treasury Notes a 3,54%, from 3.37% on Friday morning. The 10-year German Bund at 2.08% from 2.28% the day before. 10-year BTP to 3.83% from 4.28%. According to two sources inside the board, at least two more hikes are expected by May of 25 or 50 basis points to reach 3.50% or slightly higher. Buy Btp every time it breaks the 4% barrier



It hit a five-week low on Friday. This morning it rose to 73.6 dollars a barrel, +0.5%. Since yesterday, the embargo on Russian diesel has been in force in Europe.


It closed down 4% at 57 euros, dat the beginning of the year -24%. The gas bill for January is down sharply. The Arera reports that for the standard family (with average consumption of 1,400 cubic meters per year) under protection there is a decrease in the 34.2% compared to December.


Euro at 1.089 against the dollar. Antonio Cesarano, global strategist at Intermonte, states that “Looking forward, general inflation could continue to fall while core inflation could take the same path after first going through a lateral phase of 2/3 months around 5%. In this scenario, the ECB could have already completed the rate hike process by May (June at the latest) before pausing for a few months. Operators are already starting to position themselves in this direction”.


This morning it rebounds to 1,877 dollars, +0.5%. The performance since the beginning of the year remains excellent: +5%. The scenario painted by central bankers still speaks in favor of an increase. The breaking of the January tops at $1,950 will pave the way for an extension towards the absolute tops at $2,070. Reductions towards 1,800 dollars are an opportunity to buy.


The initial direction of the market just before a big announcement is one that will continue into the future; this is due to the fact that there is always someone who knows things first, and someone else who arrives late and keeps the trend going.

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