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The stock exchanges of today 8 April. European markets up well, led by Wall Street

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The stock exchanges of today 8 April.  European markets up well, led by Wall Street

MILANO – 10 am Europe takes off momentum in the last session of the week, taking advantage of the good driving force of Wall Street, which closed very positively yesterday. The markets, however, continue to watch with concern the acceleration of the Fed in terms of monetary tightening to stem the growth of inflation and the conflict in Ukraine, whose negotiations seem to be stalled for the moment. After the green light last night for the fifth package of EU sanctions, the problem of stopping the import of Russian oil and gas remains unresolved, on which there is still no agreement between the countries even if a resolution voted yesterday by a large majority by the The European Parliament has asked precisely to take this path. The European indices are thus moving positively: Milano salt by 1.9%, London fa +1,1%, Frankfurt +1,5% e Paris + 1.6%. Banco Bpm flies to Piazza Affari after the purchase of a majority stake by Credit Agricole. The stock is priced at the start and then marks a double-digit percentage jump. Atlantia also remains well in evidence on the Ftse Mib.

It’s a matter of

Mixed trend for the Asian stock exchanges. The Chinese sector was negative, still penalized by the very severe lockdown affecting some areas of the country, Shanghai in the lead. The same stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong are around -0.2%. Instead, it closed higher Tokyoin the wake of the recovery of US equity markets: the Nikkei index marks an increase of 0.36% to 26,985.80.

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Oil goes up

The effects of the Chinese lockdown were also felt on the prices of the Petroleum, with Brent yesterday falling below $ 100 for the first time in three weeks, on fears of a contraction in demand but also of the large release of reserves announced by the United States. WTI crude oil changes hands at 96.30 dollars a barrel, compared to 96.03 in New York last night. Brent fluctuates just above 100 dollars at 100.61 dollars per barrel (+ 0.15%). Gas prices, on the other hand, remained stable in Amsterdam. On the Ttf platform, the price stands at 104.4 euros per megawatt hour.

New sanctions: stop risk for the wood industry, limited consequences for coal

by Rosaria Amato

The dollar continues to strengthen

The Fed’s hawkish stance continues to strengthen the dollar. The euro thus weakens at the exchange rate against the greenback falling below $ 1.09 to 1.0867. The yen also depreciated again against the dollar, to a level just above 124. Weak instead ruble which is down by 2.6% against the dollar to 78.76.

It spread between BTP and Bund starts the day down to 163 basis points, compared to 166 points at yesterday’s closing. The yield of the Italian ten-year also falls, reaching 2.3% compared to 2.33%.

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