Home Business The stock exchanges today, 7 October. EU price lists on the rise. New flare-up for Bitcoin

The stock exchanges today, 7 October. EU price lists on the rise. New flare-up for Bitcoin

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MILANO – The clearing up of the US on the raising of the debt ceiling and the rebound of the Chinese technology sector push up the stock exchanges. The slowdown in energy prices also gave good support to the lists, after the reassurances provided by Russia on the supply of gas to Europe. In Asia, the Hong Kong stock exchange led the rise, supported by purchases on Chinese hi-tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba. The prices of Chinese Estates, a former shareholder of the Chinese developer i Evergrande, also rose after a buyer came forward for the group to take over the real estate subsidiary. In Tokyo the Nikkei instead ends at + 0.54%.

In Europe, the session is positive. Milano salt by 1.51%, London grows by 1.17%, Frankfurt 1.85% e Paris 1.65%. Negative signs from the German economy: in August it slowed down sharply, marking a decline of 4% on a monthly basis, after + 1.3% in July and against the expected -0.4%. On a trend basis, the indicator shows an increase of 1.7%. Manufacturing activity alone recorded a decrease of 4.7% compared to the previous month.

Among the currencies, the euro is stable against the dollar: the single European currency is trading at 1.1556 dollars without significant changes compared to the prices of last night in New York (1.559), remaining at the lows for 14 months now.

The cryptocurrency universe is heating up again. The Bitcoin it flew over $ 55,000, up 13% in just one week and + 87% since the beginning of the year, only to settle slightly below this threshold over the course of the day. The words spoken on Tuesday by Securities and Exchange Commission chair Gary Gensler, who said, during a hearing with the House Financial Services Commission, that the SEC has no plan to ban cryptocurrencies, also supported the purchases. how much such a measure should be decided, rather, by the American Congress. However, news of the last few hours that could weigh on the cryptocurrency sector is the launch of the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team by the US Department of Justice.

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The prices of the Petroleum: reference contracts change hands at 77.05 dollars a barrel, down 0.5% on prices last night in New York. On the other hand, Brent remained stable above 81 dollars a barrel at 81.08 dollars

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