Home Business The stock exchanges today, November 17th. EU lists weak, the dollar rises to a year’s high

The stock exchanges today, November 17th. EU lists weak, the dollar rises to a year’s high

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MILANO – European stock exchanges start down again. The light of the markets is on the dollar, which has risen to its highest in a year, with clear signs of strengthening of the US economy that suggest a possible acceleration of monetary tightening by the Fed. Squeeze advocated for example by the president of the St Louis Fed James Bullard said the Federal Reserve should “veer in a more hawkish direction” in the next two meetings to prepare for inflation not starting to decline. “If inflation subsides, we are all happy. But if it doesn’t drop as quickly as many think, it will be our job to keep it in check,” Bullard said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. Meanwhile, the race for the presidency is a step away from the finish line. Within four days, President Joe Biden said last night, the name of the new president will be announced. The choice is between Jerome Powell, currently in office and appointed by Donald Trump, and Lael Brainard, governor of the Fed who has the support of progressive members of the Democratic Party. In Europe Milano is the only positive and rises by 0.2%. London the 0.21% yields, Paris 0.05% while it is unchanged Frankfurt.

In Asia session marked at the end by the profit taking of investors a Tokyo. After several positive closes today the Nikkei reversed course ending at -0.4%. A plus sign also for the Chinese stock exchanges: the Shanghai Composite index rose by 0.44%, to 3,537.37 points, while that of Shenzhen gained 1.10%, reaching 2,477.02 points.

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Start of the day down for the prices of Petroleum which continue to decline pending the possible release of reserves by the US to ease the pressure on prices. WTI crude oil thus lost 0.66% and changed hands at 80.25 dollars a barrel; Brent fell by 0.61% to 81.93 dollars a barrel.


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