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The strategic Pole is launched which will bring 75% of the PA into the cloud

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The strategic Pole is launched which will bring 75% of the PA into the cloud

The operational phase of construction of the national strategic hub has started, managed by the project company of the same name in which Tim (45%), Leonardo (25%), Cdp (20%) and Sogei (10%) are involved, and aimed at providing digital infrastructures and cloud services to the public administration, to modernize IT processes, as required by the NRP. The goal, explains Emanuele Iannetti, CEO of the project company, is “to finalize, by December 2022, all the infrastructure of the services offered by the PSN, to be subjected to the testing of the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council and to be provided to the PAs. The next three years will be dedicated to the signing of contracts with the same PAs. And the first goal is to have at least 280 administrations migrated to the PSN by the third quarter of 2026, in in line with the target set by the Pnrr. And other local PAs, out of the 280 count, could also migrate. THEIndeed, the objective of the project, which runs together with other initiatives envisaged in the NRP, is to bring 75% of Italian administrations to use cloud services by 2026 ».

So, is the National Strategic Pole starting?

In reality, it started more than two years ago, because the project started when a team of companies proposed a project idea which was then transformed into a public tender and saw us close the circle, in August, with the signing of the agreement that has entrusted us with a 13-year concession for the provision of services. A great deal of technical preparatory work was also done to reach the final overall bid price (the assignment came to around 2.8 billion, ndr). This work has given us back a solid project, which leverages a secure, efficient, independent and technically advanced infrastructure. In addition, a robust team has been built, able to control both the operation and sales component as well as the technical component.

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What will you offer to the PA?

We will host the critical and strategic data and services of the central PAs, the ASLs and other local PAs, also leaving the administrations the possibility to choose the PSN also for ordinary data. We will work in harmony with the PA, building together a needs plan and a migration project, within which we will determine which applications will move to the cloud. It is a job that we will do for them, but the plan must certainly be shared from the beginning: we will sign contracts with PAs on the basis of which, over the years, we are committed to helping them evolve towards the cloud.

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