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The “Three Arrows” landed on the real estate sector one after another, setting off a wave of daily limit_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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The “Three Arrows” landed on the real estate sector one after another, setting off a wave of daily limit_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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According to the news on November 29, the real estate sector opened stronger. As of press time,Kaaba developmentChongqing developmentWuyi, ChinaUrban DevelopmentAnd other stocks are daily limit.

  China Securities Regulatory Commission’s “New Five Measures” to optimize real estate financing

On the news, on November 28, 2022, the spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission answered reporters’ questions about the capital market’s support for the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. Five), and will come into effect from now on. These five measures include: resuming mergers and acquisitions and supporting financing of listed real estate companies; resuming refinancing of listed real estate companies and listed real estate companies; adjusting and improving the listing policies of real estate companies in overseas markets; further developing REITs Revitalize the role of stock assets of real estate companies and actively play the role of private equity investment funds.

This also means that the refinancing policy of listed companies related to real estate, which has been gradually tightened since 2016, is now officially “relaxed”. According to the reporter’s statistics, there are currently 93 real estate-related companies in the A-share market, including 82 companies whose main business is real estate, and 32 companies with a market value of over 10 billion.

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Also at the China Securities Regulatory Commission, according to the reporter’s knowledge from people close to the regulators, the China Securities Regulatory Commission is working with the Asset Management Association to study and draft the detailed rules for the filing of real estate private equity investment funds, which will be launched as soon as possible, and qualified private equity fund managers can apply for the pilot program at that time. The China Securities Regulatory Commission said on the same day that it decided to launch a pilot program of real estate private equity investment funds, allowing qualified private equity fund managers to set up real estate private equity investment funds, introduce institutional funds, invest in stock residential real estate, commercial real estate, and infrastructure, and promote real estate companies to revitalize operating real estate And explore new development models.

In addition, on November 28, the reporter learned that recently,CITIC BankRespectively with China Overseas Property,China Merchants ShekouGreentown Group, C&D Real Estate Group, Overseas Chinese Town Group,JoyGroup, Longfor Group,Riverside Group, Country Garden Group, and Midea Real Estate 10 real estate companies signed a “headquarters-to-headquarters” strategic cooperation agreement. A total of 440 billion yuan of intentional financing will be provided, and the long-term real estate mechanism will be fully implemented to jointly promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

According to the Beijing Municipal Audit Bureau, the report on the rectification of problems found in the implementation of the municipal budget and other financial revenue and expenditure audits in Beijing in 2021. Among them, there are problems in the management of state-owned assets of municipal state-owned enterprises: First, in response to the problem of inadequate management and control of the “two funds” of municipal state-owned enterprises, focus on tracking and monitoring real estate companies with large inventories, increase assessment efforts, and promote “two funds” ”The pressure drop achieved the expected effect. The second is to address the problem that the debt risk prevention and control of municipal state-owned enterprises still needs to be strengthened. The debt indicators of enterprises are tracked and monitored every month, and reminder letters and reminders are issued to enterprises with high asset-liability ratios; at the same time, strict control of enterprises Non-main business investment, strict review of corporate bond issuance, and promotion of corporate exits to control corporate asset-liability ratios.

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  The “Three Arrows” have landed one after another. Financial support for real estate continues to increase

  CITIC Construction InvestmentIt is pointed out that after Chairman Yi Huiman expressed his support for real estate-related companies to carry out mergers and acquisitions and supporting financing on November 21, and to support a certain proportion of real estate-related companies to carry out equity financing, real estate equity financing was officially released yesterday. Within a month, the “three arrows” have landed one after another, and the financial support for real estate has continued to increase, which will help promote the healthy and stable development of the industry. CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that it is optimistic about the valuation restoration of high-quality real estate companies, the recovery of industry-wide credit and the recovery of sales under the blessing of policies. Under the current financial support policy, in addition to the three high-end real estate companies that were optimistic in the early stage, high-quality real estate companies may expand their net assets through equity financing to further expand their scale. Real estate companies that are not in danger have a process of credit restoration, and they are currently optimistic about high-quality real estate companies. The valuation restoration of enterprises, the credit recovery of the whole industry, and the sales recovery under the gradual opening up of room for city-specific policies.

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