Home Business The three major A-share indexes fell collectively, coal and oil sectors were among the top decliners

The three major A-share indexes fell collectively, coal and oil sectors were among the top decliners

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The three major A-share indexes fell collectively,Shanghai IndexFell nearly 1%. On the disk, pumped storage,Civil Aviation Airport, Hongmeng Concept, Winemaking, Cosmetics and other sectors saw the top gainers. The coal, petroleum, mining, titanium dioxide, and salt lake lithium extraction sectors led the two markets. As of press time, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.94% to 3,529.00 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.38% to 14,339.28 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt fell 0.16% to 3,303.80 points.

Today’s news:

1. Heavy! The third quarterly report of public funds has been released!

2. Check! check! check! The price limit of 528 yuan/ton of coal varieties fell to the limit twice throughout the day! 9 days and 28 texts of steam coal “cut in the middle”

3. Zhongyi signed a loss of more than 10,000 yuan on the first day of listing on the Chengda Biotechnology Innovation Board.

4. Brokerages made a big profit in 49 trading days? The first three quarterly reports “uneven hot and cold”

5. CICC called out 800 yuan!Trillion “Ning Wang” report card announced: the first three quarters of performance doubled, but successively reduced holdings

Just likeSoochow SecuritiesAs mentioned, the current market’s sentiment has been declining due to the unsuccessful upswing. There was a collective selling action on Wednesday. In addition, due to the decrease in market incremental funds andNew crotchThe increase in supply,Recently listed new stocks have frequently broken, and the short-term wind direction has changed. In operation, if the market turns, you need to reduce your position in the near future, switch to a wait-and-see and defensive strategy, and wait for the market to stabilize before choosing a new hot spot for follow-up operations.

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From a technical point of view, Dongguan Securities mentioned that on Wednesday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index was weak and fluctuated. It fell near the 60-day moving average. The individual stocks generally recovered. Only a few sectors such as electricity and electrical equipment closed in red. , It is expected that the short-term market will continue to repeat, and pay attention to the 60-day moving average support. It is recommended to pay attention to finance,food and drink, Chemical, electrical equipment, TMT and other industries.

As far as the market outlook is concerned, Huaxin Securities said that the northward direction of A sharesCash flowSlowing down, the three major indexes adjusted as scheduled,Overall, the trading strategy for the fourth quarter is defensive, So it is recommended that investment shift to low-value blue-chip consumption,Bank, Pharmaceuticals, and other varieties, gradually withdraw from growth. This is the main line of operation. At present, the rebound of the CSI 500 as the main growth stock is more similar to the anti-dumping. There is a structural market but it is difficult to form a trending market opportunity.

Guosheng Securities pointed out thatThe market outlook may enter the direction selection stage. In general, the two-market index has been adjusted for two consecutive days, which has disrupted the recent rebound and upward trend and re-entered a state of chaos. The market outlook may still need to oscillate sideways, and the moving averages will not choose the direction until the entanglement is completed.

In terms of operational strategy, the agency stated that the current index is back to the sideways turbulence stage. Due to insufficient market volume and energy, funds are grouped together on high-prosperity tracks such as wind energy, lithium batteries, and military industries, while sectors lacking financial support are constantly weakening. ,Need to pay attention to the weak and stay strong, follow the direction of mainstream funds, Before the market volume can be re-enlarged, it will focus on low-interest and high-growth sectors.

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  Everbright Securitiesthink,With the gradual display of the three quarterly reports, the market will become clearer, At the same time weekendKweichow MoutaiofPerformanceOr it has also played a positive role in the consumer category. After the bottom stabilizes, it is expected to continue to rise. The new momentum of “green development” may be the main line of investment in the market for a long period of time in the future. The mid-line point of view will continue to pay attention to investment opportunities in the new energy industry; in addition, low-level consumer electronics, farming, etc. can also be gradually paid attention to.

  Shanxi SecuritiesIt is mentioned that the policy tone for adjusting coal prices has become more and more clear, and the coal mining sector may continue to fluctuate and adjust, and it is recommended to avoid high valuation targets in related sectors. With the recent intensive disclosure of the three quarterly reports, the market style in the fourth quarter may be switched. Consumer electronics,food and drinkLow valuation sectors such as, household appliances, pharmaceuticals and biology may usher in a valuation restoration period, and there are currently certain allocation opportunities.It is recommended to pay attention to the targets with stable profitability and better performance expectations in the relevant sectors.

Previously,Guojin SecuritiesIt was pointed out that around the end of the year market layout, focusing on the return of the main line of the new energy sector, focusing on the oversold rebound opportunities in medicine and consumption.In the market at the end of the yearBrokerageOr it will be the first to respond, and the main line of the market at the end of the year is still the long-term logic that is difficult to falsify, and there is no negative new energy sector for short-term performance. In addition, if consumption and pharmaceuticals in the third quarterly report window are fully adjusted under the pressure of performance, there may be an oversold rebound opportunity at the end of the year. In addition, continue to focus on sub-sectors in the midstream capital goods sector that benefit from domestic and overseas capital expenditures, such as smart manufacturing. At the same time, the segmented industrial chain benefiting from new energy in the basic chemical industry is also worthy of attention.

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