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The three major operators 5G package competition: Telecom is the most cost-effective but still not recommended-Communication Technology-5G

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5G has been commercialized for a long time, and major mobile phone manufacturers have also launched mobile phones that support 5G. The 5G functions that were only available in the original flagship phones have now been fully popularized. Presumably everyone has already used 5G mobile phones, but there should be many people who have not used 5G services and are still using 4G to surf the Internet. Many users do not understand how much 5G can bring to our daily use, or are not clear about 5G packages. How to buy? In this article, I will answer everyone’s doubts about 5G services, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Comparison of 5G packages of the three major operators

We can only know who is the most cost-effective 5G package provided by China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. I have summarized the content included in the mainstream 5G packages launched by the three major operators. Let’s take a look at what they have.

The three major operators compete in 5G packages. After reading it, you will know which one will save the most money (not issued)

The starting price for 5G packages of the three major operators is around 130 yuan, the monthly fee for China Mobile and China Telecom’s package is as high as 599 yuan, and the highest monthly fee for China Unicom’s package is 999 yuan. The corresponding 5G traffic of each price range of operators is basically the same. Let us mainly look at the different places in the packages of the three major operators.

China Unicom and China Telecom have a lot more domestic call time than China Mobile, and you can also apply for a secondary card. Although China Mobile has a shorter domestic call time, it also includes international call time and international data in the package. It is worth mentioning that Unicom’s 5G packages at different price points have different speeds, and the 5G speed services included in the higher-priced packages can provide users with priority access services in areas with busy 5G networks.

The three 5G packages of China Unicom have different downlink rates. Simply put, the downlink rate directly affects the download speed of users. The higher the downlink rate, the faster the download speed. The downlink rate of all price packages of China Mobile and Telecom is 1Gbps, and China Unicom’s low price packages cannot enjoy the complete 5G experience.

What is a secondary card

Both China Unicom and Telecom packages can apply for two secondary cards. What is the function of the secondary cards? The supplementary card shares the main card package, and the cost is borne by the main card owner, and the 5G rate is the same as the main card. Calls to each other are also free, and the processing fee is 10 yuan.

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It is very convenient to apply for a supplementary card for relatives at home. For example, parents will not pay the fee when they are old, resulting in the situation that the downtime can not be contacted. At this time, directly apply for a supplementary card and pay the main card monthly, so that parents can worry about it. , Let the child rest assured. Both China Unicom and China Telecom support one primary card for two secondary cards, which happens to be one for each parent, which provides great convenience for the elderly to use mobile phones.

I have no need to make a call, is there a pure data plan?

With the rapid development of the Internet, WeChat has become our main social tool. Whether it is voice or video, it is very convenient. Many things in daily life can be solved by WeChat. So the question is, I don’t make phone calls anymore, so much call time is a waste. Is there any 5G package that does not include call time? I asked the customer service of the three major operators and let us see what they said.

China Mobile

China Telecom

China Unicom

Unfortunately, the current 5G packages of the three major operators are all sold in bundles with call duration. Because the telephone service is gradually being replaced by Internet social software, operators have bundled thousands of call durations into the package. If you want to use 5G, you will have to bear these overflow call durations, and users will spend money if they don’t use them up. It is hoped that in the future, operators can reduce the call duration in the package and convert it into traffic, so as to provide users with more choices.

What should I do if the traffic is too high?

In our daily Internet access, because the download speed of 5G is much faster than 4G, if we don’t pay attention to download something, it will be finished in an instant. This will not give us the opportunity to go back. This will inevitably lead to excess traffic, which will bring us With huge additional costs, how much will be deducted if the 5G traffic exceeds the limit? Let’s take a look together.

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Although the extra price is not expensive after 5G data is exceeded, it is about the same as 4G data. The cheapest mobile is only 1 yuan/GB, but because the 5G network is faster, it uses more data. If the data is really fast and excessive , Or purchase the flow refueling package in time.

Which 5G package should I do?

Combining the services included in the 5G packages of the three major operators, I would like to give the following suggestions to friends who want to apply for 5G packages.

China Unicom:The advantage is that you can apply for a secondary card, and the domestic call time is long, but the low-end 5G package has a limited speed. If your monthly budget is less than 250 yuan, China Unicom’s 5G package is the best, and it is not recommended.

China Mobile:The mobile package contains a large amount of international call time, and the gift of GSM service. The airport and high-speed rail have VIP privilege halls, which are very suitable for friends who frequently travel or do shopping, but for ordinary users, these have become redundant functions. , Wasted.

China Telecom:The package is similar to Unicom’s package, but there is no speed limit. The free Tianyi cloud disk 60GB space and 198 mailboxes are also very practical, and ordinary users can also get members of popular apps such as iQiyi, Youku Video, Tencent Video, and QQ Music. It is a more cost-effective one.

After reading this, there are definitely many friends who are hesitant. After all, the 5G package is expensive, and the minimum consumption is about 130 yuan. So how much can the 5G package with such a lot of money be improved than the 4G we use now? How much help is it for our daily use? Through actual experience, I will show you how 5G has improved our daily life experience compared to 4G.

Daily use of 4G does not leave the wind at all

The biggest difference between 5G and 4G is the high speed and low latency. The 5G network speed is 100 times the current 4G network speed, and the delay is as low as 1ms. The data looks very horrible, but how much improvement can it give us? The use experience is the key.

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I have used my colleague’s 5G package for a few days. I found that 5G is significantly faster than 4G in terms of download speed. The experience of using 4G and 5G is basically the same when browsing Weibo or watching web pages and watching videos. How much help can 5G bring to ordinary users? Take me as an example. I am an office worker, and the place I usually get traffic is only on the way to and from get off work. I surf the Internet in the subway and use Douyin. As for downloading files, the company has WIFI, and I also have WIFI at home. , Do not need to use data to download.

The package I’m using is the dynamic zone monthly rent of 19 yuan + 20 yuan 30GB 4G data package, the monthly fee is only 39 yuan, the monthly fee of the 5G lowest-grade package is three times that of mine now, although 5G has a faster speed, but for In my case, it is necessary to spend three times the price to enjoy it, and I cannot accept it.

in conclusion

The advent of the 4G era has brought us WeChat, takeaway, online car-hailing and other services, which greatly facilitated our lives. Of course, the 5G era is not only helping our lives faster, but in all areas of society, 5G is making contributions. For example, 5G promotes the rapid development of artificial intelligence, medical, military, smart cars and other industries. It’s just that 5G, which has increased network speeds, is actually slowly making our lives better.

But for ordinary users, 5G has just started, and its performance is only to increase the network speed. 5G does not bring revolutionary changes to the experience in daily use. If you are concerned about the monthly telephone bills, Then I do not recommend applying for a 5G package. The more affordable 4G is a better choice. If you want to experience the high-speed Internet experience brought by the latest technology, you can apply for a mid-range 5G package. The extra services included in the high-end package are too many to be cost-effective.


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