Home Business The transcripts of the new cars are on schedule, and the zero runs are over 10,000. There is not much time left for Weilai.

The transcripts of the new cars are on schedule, and the zero runs are over 10,000. There is not much time left for Weilai.

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On April 1, the transcripts of the new cars arrived as scheduled.

In the past three months, it was the traditional off-season for sales, coupled with factors such as the epidemic and the increase in raw material prices. The report card has not yet been released, and the bosses of car companies have been complaining, predicting that this will not be easy to fight. Monthly sales battle.

However, judging from the results, each company still achieved a lot, and the seat ranking of new cars has changed again. Among them, Xiaopeng ranked first in new car sales with 15,414 units. Nezha, which announced its results early, entered the top three again with 12,026 units. The last seat was won by Ideal with 11,034 units.

It is worth mentioning that there is one more member in the camp of 10,000 newly built cars. Leapmotor vehicle deliveries increased by 193% month-on-month to 10,059 vehicles, ranking fourth.

Although the manufacturing side in March was under supply and cost pressure,TeslaAfter the rhythm of a week and three consecutive price hikes kicked off a new round of price hikes, almost all new energy vehicle companies followed suit and completed this round of price hikes. Potential car owners also staged a price hike at the end of the month. There is a wave of order grabbing of “buy down but not up”.

This also means that in the new January, the more intense qualifying matches are worth looking forward to.

Bad March sales battle

As the first player to submit homework, Ji Krypton’s transcript is not very eye-catching.

Affected by the epidemic and the supply of chips, the delivery volume of Ji Krypton 001 in March was 1,795, a decrease of nearly 40% from the previous month. However, Ji Krypton said that with the arrival of a new batch of core components at the end of March, it is expected that production and delivery in April “will be significantly improved.”

Big Brother who has lost the championship position many times since the second half of 2021NIOhas not fully recovered.

Compared to February,NIOThe delivery volume in March improved, reaching 9,985 units, a year-on-year increase of 37.6%, but it was still not as good as Xpeng and Ideal. Q1 2022,NIOThe number of deliveries was 25,768, which is still a gap of 5,948 units compared to the ideal.

“2021 is the window period for NIO’s new products, and most users with purchase intentions will give priority to ordering new products,” a NIO sales told Future Auto Daily. Official data shows that 163 cars have been delivered in four days after the first sedan ET7 was delivered on March 28.

However, among the new car-making forces, Weilai is the first to approach the 200,000-unit mark. As of the end of March 2022, Weilai has delivered a total of 192,800 electric vehicles, followed by Xiaopeng with more than 170,000 vehicles and an ideal of 155,800 vehicles.

However, in terms of monthly delivery, among the three “Wei Xiaoli” brothers, Xiaopeng and Ideal have always played relatively stable.

During the 2021 earnings call,Xiaopeng MotorsChairman He Xiaopeng once revealed that in late February and mid-to-early March this year, new orders have quickly returned to the peak season level in December last year, and “delivery volume in March was close to last year’s peak.”

The results are also as expected. In March this year,Xiaopeng MotorsWith 15,414 vehicles, it took the throne of qualifying champion. Among them, the P7 is a well-deserved pillar, with 9,183 units delivered in March, accounting for nearly 60% of the total sales; Xiaopeng P5 delivered 4,398 units in March.

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“In order to speed up the delivery of orders in hand, as well as new orders this year, we completed the technical transformation of the Zhaoqing factory during the Spring Festival.” Xiaopeng said.

  ideal carThe ideal ONE continued its strong explosive product strength, and the delivery volume once again exceeded 10,000, reaching 11,034 units, a year-on-year increase of 125.2%. Q1 2022,ideal carA total of 31,700 vehicles were delivered, a year-on-year increase of 152.1%.

Even if the performance of more than 10,000 vehicles in a single month is considered excellent, butideal carCo-founder and president Shen Yanan still said, “The epidemic in the Yangtze River Delta has led to a shortage of some parts and components, and production has been implicated.”

On March 26, while participating in the event,Xiaopeng MotorsChairman He Xiaopeng also suffered a lot. “The epidemic has affected many key towns in the automotive industry chain, and local blockades have occurred in many parts of the country, which is a huge blow to the automotive industry chain.”

In the difficult supply chain environment, there are also “dark horses” who have staged a counterattack.

In March of this year, Leapmotor also joined the camp of more than 10,000 vehicles per month, with deliveries reaching 10,059 vehicles, a month-on-month increase of 193%. This is also the best result in the history of Zero Run.

At present, Leapmotor mainly has three models on sale, including the coupe S01, the minicar T03, and the mid-size SUV S11. Among them, the T03, which is priced at 69,000-85,000 yuan after subsidies, is the “sales responsibility” of Leapmotor. In 2021, T03 sales will account for nearly 80% of total sales.

Regarding the increase in sales, Xiao Lei, the manager of an experience store of Leapmotor, explained to the Future Auto Daily, “It is mainly because of the increase in production capacity, and the monthly orders are not to worry about, but the order cycle is too long.”

According to the prospectus of Leapmotor, as of the end of 2021, Leapmotor had a total of 22,536 C11 orders, of which 3,965 were delivered that year, and at least 20,000 to 40,000 C11s were not delivered. “By adjusting the production line and expanding the production capacity of the Jinhua factory, the Jinhua factory’s production capacity exceeded 10,000 vehicles in March. Before that, the monthly production capacity was about 60% of the current one.”

In terms of the supply chain, since Zhu Jiangming, the founder of Leaprun, left Dahua in December last year, “the boss personally took charge of the production”. In the face of chip shortage, “Leaprun’s self-developed chips also have certain advantages”, Xiao Lei believes.

Following the delivery of more than 10,000 vehicles in January, the delivery of Nezha, which focuses on “building cars for the people”, continued to climb.

In March, the delivery volume of Nezha vehicles once again crossed the baseline of 10,000 vehicles, reaching 10,059 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 270%. As early as 2021, Nezha Auto won the runner-up position for many times, and Wei Xiaoli was surpassed by it to start a counterattack.

According to Zhang Yong, CEO of Nezha Automobile, the main reason for the sharp increase in sales is the price/performance ratio. “In the range of 60,000 to 80,000 and 100,000 to 150,000 pure electric SUVs (market), we have achieved the first price-performance ratio.”

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However, regarding Nezha’s sales counterattack, Zhang Yong’s performance was particularly sober. “It is meaningless to surpass it for a short time. (Nezha’s delivery volume) can only be said to be better than it if it is three times the ideal.”

Will the second quarter be good?

Now standing at the starting point of the second quarter of 2022, many problems do not seem to have improved.

Following the closure of Changchun for more than 20 days, Shanghai has also recently announced that it has entered a “shutdown” state. As two cities that gather many parts companies and car companies, the large-scale closure and control will undoubtedly have a great impact on the auto industry. This point is also deeply touched by Qin Lihong, president of Weilai. “The Shanghai delivery center has been out for several days, and it will continue until the Qingming Festival.”

“The supply chain of the factory is currently tense, and there has been a certain reduction in production in the past four days. It is expected to resume in three days.” On March 31, a source close to Weilai’s Hefei factory told Future Auto Daily.

On the manufacturing side, efforts are being made to minimize losses. In contrast, the sales side has fallen into a state of complete stagnation, and almost all offline stores in Shanghai are closed for management.

More than that, the core shortage crisis that began in 2020 has not yet been resolved. “The chip is still a depression,” Qin Lihong described it. In the earnings conference call on March 25, Li Bin, founder of Weilai, explained that Weilai is currently facing the problem of fundamental chip fluctuations, “If these chips are lacking, we will not be able to produce cars, and of course there will be alternatives. It can be done in a way that is expected, but it will make it a little more complicated.”

The impact of the increase in raw material prices has directly caused car companies to “break the bones”, and almost all new energy car companies have completed this round of price adjustments.Ideal CEO Li Xiang once said, “In the second quarterBatteryThe rate of cost increase will be very outrageous.” Li Bin called on upstream raw material manufacturers to “start from long-term interests and not make personal speculative price increases.”

Even if there are many difficulties, starting from the second quarter, the new car has entered the most critical moment of the year. From the perspective of product planning, many new cars will launch new cars this year in April this year.while inTeslaThe year of 2022, which is in the window period, will undoubtedly provide new car builders with an opportunity to catch up.

After selling 100,000 life-and-death cars, new car builders are looking for new breakthroughs and starting to enter each other’s tracks.

On March 28, with the delivery of ET7, NIO’s “Product Year” officially kicked off. In addition to releasing the 2022 facelift models of ES8, ES6, and EC6 in May, by the third quarter of 2022, NIO will deliver two other products, ET5 and ES7, based on the NT2.0 platform.

NIO ET7 and ET5 are positioned as sedans, ES7 is positioned as a five-seat SUV, and the new product portfolio undertakes the important task of opening up new markets. Among them, the price of ET5 has dropped, which is the cheapest model of NIO. The price of ET7 (starting from 366,660 yuan) using the BaaS solution also came to the price range of Xiaopeng P7 (239,900-429,900 yuan).

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  brokerageIt also gave NIO higher expectations.West China SecuritiesIt is estimated that NIO will sell 193,000 units in 2022, and the replacement of existing models and ET5 will enter the market. It is expected that NIO is expected to enter a stronger product cycle in 2023.

Xiaopeng will head to the medium and large SUV market, and this is the field where the NIO ES6 and the ideal ONE are located.

As the fourth model of Xpeng Motors, the Xpeng G9, which will be unveiled at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, shoulders Xpeng’s determination to take a high-end route. According to the plan, G9 will start delivery in the third quarter of this year. “In the short term, the delivery volume of Xpeng G9 is expected to be close to the level of Xpeng P7.” Gu Hongdi, president of Xpeng Motors, predicted at the 2021 earnings conference call.

“Intelligent driving, high battery life and market-competitive pricing are the keys to Xpeng Motors’ mid- and long-term sales growth,” Huatai Securities said. In 2022, Xiaopeng will continue to strengthen this label. According to He Xiaopeng, in the second half of this year, Xiaopeng will open the city NGP function.

As the only car company that only relies on one model to “conquer the world”, Ideal also has a new plan. The second new car, the Ideal L9, will debut on April 16, with deliveries starting in the third quarter. With the arrival of the Ideal L9, the ideal sales volume is expected to expand further.

The second-tier new forces have also planned new models. Weimar’s first sedan, the Weimar M7, will be mass-produced and delivered in 2022. The new car is equipped with three solid-state lidars and has a NEDC cruising range of 700km. Nezha S will be mass-produced in the third quarter; Leapmotor’s code name is C01 The sedan is also expected to debut in the first half of 2022. Together, these three vehicles will challenge the high-end sedan market.

With the gradual enrichment of the product series, each company has also put forward higher goals. Xiaopeng Motors plans to deliver 250,000 new cars in 2022, with an impact of 300,000. Relying on the delivery of the ideal car approaching the 100,000 mark in 2021 with a single model, although no specific sales target was proposed, it also stated that “2022 will be a very important year for the overall growth of the ideal car”.

But it’s not easy to win. Taking Xiaopeng as an example, in Q1 2022, Xiaopeng Motors delivered 34,600 vehicles, accounting for only 13.84% of the minimum sales target for the year. To complete the target of 250,000 vehicles, Xiaopeng needs to maintain a delivery level of over 20,000 vehicles in the remaining 9 months, which is not easy.

From the perspective of the entire market, the new energy vehicle market in 2022 is still worth looking forward to. According to the estimates of the Passenger Federation, in 2022, the sales of new energy vehicles will exceed 6 million, and the penetration rate will reach 22%. “Let’s fight and go”, Qin Lihong sighed.

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