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The trend of ChatGPT concept stocks diverges

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The trend of ChatGPT concept stocks diverges

On February 7, the concept of ChatGPT opened and differentiated. As of press time, Hanwang Technology has 7 consecutive boards, Tianyu Digital Technology has 3 consecutive boards, Yuncong Technology, Fushi Holdings and other stocks opened low and moved low.

On the news side, on February 6, Liutian Sanban Yuncong Technology issued an announcement on serious abnormal fluctuations in stock trading. After the company’s self-inspection, the company’s current business activities are all normal and there have been no major changes. There have been no major adjustments to the market environment and industry policies, no significant fluctuations in R&D costs and sales, and internal operations are in order. As of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company has not cooperated with OpenAI, and the products and services of ChatGPT have not brought business income to the company.

On the same day, Haitian AAC also issued a change announcement. As of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company has not cooperated with OpenAI, and its ChatGPT products and services have not yet brought business income to the company. The company focuses on providing professional data sets required for algorithm model development and training for various institutions in the AI ​​industry chain, including AI technology companies. In recent years, about 90% of the company’s income structure has contributed from the intelligent voice and computer vision business fields; the natural language business has contributed about 10% to the company’s overall contribution. Whether it can develop rapidly into one of the company’s core pillars in the future? It will be affected by factors such as market demand and competitive environment, and there will be great uncertainty.

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The CITIC Securities Research Report pointed out that ChatGPT cannot completely replace traditional search engines in the short to medium term, and it is difficult to change the current competitive landscape of the global search engine market.

Zheshang Securities stated that AIGC’s profit model is still in the exploratory stage, and the product integration model may open up ideas for the industry. The B-side monetization paths are more diverse and mature. There are conceivable application scenarios in industries such as advertising and marketing, and the possibility and level of payment are relatively higher.

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