Home Business The vivo X90 series is expected to be released in advance, and it is expected to use two flagship chips_China IT News

The vivo X90 series is expected to be released in advance, and it is expected to use two flagship chips_China IT News

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The vivo X90 series is expected to be released in advance, and it is expected to use two flagship chips_China IT News

Original title: vivo X90 series is expected to be released in advance, it is expected to use two flagship chips

This year, vivo released its flagship mobile phone series, the vivo X80 series, but according to related reports, it will not launch the vivo X80 Pro+ this year, but the vivo X90 series will directly attract the attention of many consumers.

In previous related reports, digital blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news that the vivo X90 series mobile phones are expected to be released in December this year, and the vivo X90 series mobile phones have the vivo X90 Pro+ version of the super cup model equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor. In terms of imaging, the vivo X90 Pro+ flagship phone will be equipped with a 1-inch super outsole + high-quality new telephoto solution.

And the blogger said in reply to netizens that the new telephoto is a periscope telephoto, and the vivo X90 series mobile phones do not have a small screen version.

However, when the blogger answered questions from netizens recently, he said that vivo has advanced the plan and may release a new mobile phone in November.

According to the blogger’s revelations some time ago, the image and performance of the standard version of the vivo X90 are regular iterations. The more obvious upgrades are the fast charging solution and screen quality. The short board of the machine is only the secondary camera, and the vivo X90 series The new phone may include at least two product versions equipped with Snapdragon 8+Gen1 and Snapdragon 8Gen2, and it is known that there will be versions using Dimensity 9000+ chips after subsequent revelations.

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On August 4, the blogger broke the news about the charging solution of the vivo X90 series. He said that the vivo X90 series is struggling to upgrade to 120W fast charging or popularize 80W wired + 50W wireless charging solution.

In contrast, the vivo X80 standard version uses a 4500mAh battery + 80W wired fast charging solution, and does not support wireless charging; the vivo X80 Pro has a built-in 4700mAh battery, which supports 80W wired fast charging + 50W wireless fast charging, so there is a problem with the charging upgrade of the normal version. It has become one of the main considerations for this update.

In addition to the new iteration of flagship mobile phones, the latest news also exposed other product plans of vivo.

It is mentioned that vivo may launch a new flagship wireless headset next. This new phone will adopt the same in-ear design as the previous generation, the button of the frosted battery compartment has been moved to the side, and it will also support 40++dB active noise reduction + adaptive EQ + independent DAC.

At present, vivo is expected to release a number of new products in November this year, and interested consumers can stay tuned.

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