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The winter of industry arrives on the pallet

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The winter of industry arrives on the pallet

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«Does the average say -15%? Maybe someone had it better than us.” For Cecilia Sacchi’s company, the Latina pallet manufacturer of the same name, 2023 was in fact not a year to remember. And if the 40% collapse in revenues is above all a “child” of the drop in raw material prices, the slowdown in volumes instead tells something different, more structural. Important signals, those launched by the wooden packaging sector, which compared to others actually has a unique characteristic: being present everywhere.

And that’s not a figure of speech. Because by examining a random product, from drinks to tiles; from boilers to gaskets, from machinery to fixtures; from tomatoes to aspirins, the unifying element, the one that never fails, is always the pallet. Wooden pallet of defined dimensions and characteristics which represents the cornerstone of the logistics chain, a standard tool which permeates transport and handling in warehouses, supports which present themselves with an absolute pervasiveness and which for this very reason provide a unique litmus test to immediately understand keep an eye on the health of the entire industry. Pallet production which actually provides eloquent data, with a double-digit drop in the whole of 2023, accelerating during the last part of the year.

The 2.7 million cubic meters of transformed wood (Fitok type, according to the Conlegno research office) represent a 15% drop compared to the previous year, leading to a new minimum since the vertical collapse of 2020, when however the the lack of demand was concentrated in particular in the second quarter and was linked to the Covid emergency. Now, after a “stellar” period, with volumes rising by 23% in 2021, then maintained the following year despite the crazy prices and supply chain crises, with this fall we are effectively returning to pre-crisis levels.

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If the type of Epal packaging intended for export drops only 6% in volumes, it is thanks to the repaired products, because new production in this case too is down by double figures, down by 14% with over one million pieces in production. less.

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