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There are 200 high-tech companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, accounting for more than 90%

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There are 200 high-tech companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, accounting for more than 90%

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, June 8 (Li Bo) On June 8, with the listing of Yishi Precision on the Beijing Stock Exchange, the number of listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange reached 200, doubling the number compared with the same period last year. New “little giant” enterprises accounted for more than 40%, and high-tech enterprises accounted for more than 90%. The total market value is about 270 billion yuan, and the average price-earnings ratio is about 18 times. The cumulative public offering financing exceeds 40 billion yuan, with an average financing of 200 million yuan per company.

According to the introduction of the CBEX, since the opening of the market, the CBEX has preliminarily built a set of basic institutional systems that suit the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has made adaptive adjustments based on the arrangement for the full implementation of the registration system. CBEX matches its market positioning, maintains a certain difference in access standards from the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext, provides diversified financing types, financing methods and market-oriented pricing mechanisms, and implements more flexible equity incentive arrangements, etc., serving a number of Innovative SMEs.

After more than a year of development, the CBEX has formed a development pattern of stocks and bonds going hand in hand. With the steady start of the government bond issuance business, a new breakthrough has been achieved in domestic exchanges serving the issuance of government bonds. At present, local government bonds and government bonds have issued more than 2.14 trillion yuan. A number of landmark reform measures have achieved positive results. The Beijing Stock Exchange 50 Index provided market representation and investment benchmarks, leading to the issuance of 8 index funds. The margin financing and securities lending business has enriched the trading strategies of investors. At present, there are 71 stocks that are subject to the two financing and securities lending. Mixed market-making improved transaction quality, with 13 market makers making markets for 36 stocks, contributing 7.16% of the market-making stock turnover.

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According to the Beijing Stock Exchange, among the 200 listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 83%, private enterprises accounted for 88%, and nearly 80% of the enterprises belonged to strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, covering new generation information technology, high-end precision Subdivided fields such as new energy and new materials reflect the diversified innovation forms of small and medium-sized enterprises in technological innovation, product innovation and business model innovation. CBEX focuses on “earlier, smaller, and newer”, and 200 companies have good innovation and growth.

Small and medium-sized enterprises have achieved stable growth, reflecting strong operational resilience. The average total operating income of 200 listed companies in 2022 is 768 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.95%; the average net profit attributable to the parent is 71.5299 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.12%. The profitability reached 92.5%, and the net profit of 22 companies exceeded 100 million yuan. The company’s overall working capital is good, with a net cash inflow of 8.829 billion yuan from operating activities, a year-on-year increase of 28.27%; production and construction are progressing steadily, and the total investment expenditure for the purchase of fixed assets is 14.487 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.68%.

A total of 84 companies have been selected into the national-level Specialized, Specialized and New “Little Giant” Enterprise Directory of the Beijing Stock Exchange, accounting for 42% of the total market, and more than 80% of the companies have been selected into the provincial-level and municipal-level Specialized, Specialized and New Enterprise Directory. In addition, 8 companies have won the national “single event champion” certification. The CBEX stated that these companies are the backbone of industrial transformation and upgrading, focusing on market segments, strong innovation capabilities, and mastering certain core technologies.

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According to the Beijing Stock Exchange, the average R&D expenditure of 200 listed companies in 2022 totaled 35.5626 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.26%, of which 70% of the companies’ R&D investment increased year-on-year, and 10 companies including Beiterui and Haitai New Energy had R&D expenditures exceeding 100 million yuan Yuan. The company’s average R&D intensity is 4.63%, which is about three times the average level of enterprises above the designated size, and 24 companies’ R&D intensity exceeds 10%. From the perspective of the number of patents, companies listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange will add more than 2,600 new patents in 2022, including more than 600 invention patents.

According to data from the Beijing Stock Exchange, 200 listed companies have raised a total of 40.562 billion yuan in public offerings, with an average financing amount of 203 million yuan per company; after listing, 4 companies have refinanced and registered or issued, with a total (planned) fundraising of more than 2 billion yuan , to help enterprises achieve capacity expansion, technology upgrades, and enhance core competitiveness. 36 companies launched equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans after listing, and the incentive objects involved nearly 2,700 core technical personnel, management personnel and other key employees.

(Editors in charge: Meng Zhu, Gao Xing)

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