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There is a shield against price increases: gasoline cheaper for 3 months, Golden power strengthened

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There is a shield against price increases: gasoline cheaper for 3 months, Golden power strengthened

Today the Council of Ministers will limit itself to defining the road map for exiting the Covid emergency, while a second meeting on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon will launch the “price-cutting” decree on fuels and other measures to deal with the impact of the war in Ukraine, including the new refugee reception intervention.

The mobile excise duty arrives

While waiting to define the framework for European interventions, part of the measures should be taken at the end of the month on the occasion of the launch of the new Economic and Financial Document (Def), also evaluating a new increase in the deficit, but we will immediately intervene on the expensive fuels. “To contain the impact on end consumers, the government is considering the hypothesis of applying a mobile excise duty on fuels”, announced in the Senate the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, who yesterday returned to point the finger on the increases ” unjustified “gas prices and consequently also on the final costs of fuels since they affect the costs of refining.

The government’s goal is to reduce the pump price by around 20 cents for three months using the accumulated VAT surplus as a cover.

The government menu, which also studies the taxation of extra-profits of energy companies to raise cash, should then provide for further interventions to calm the increases in gas and electricity, in particular in favor of families in difficulty, and the possibility of extending the installment payments bills. The package of proposals arriving from the various ministries is also very rich, even if not all of them may not fit into the decree that will be presented tomorrow.

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New support for businesses

The Ministry of Development, in particular, proposes to set up two new funds: one to support the energy needs of production activities, with an endowment of 800 million euros for 2022, and to grant aid, including non-repayable funds, in favor of the most damaged companies. from dear energy; and one to support energy-intensive companies of national strategic interest through guarantees provided by Sace for loans granted in any form capable of covering 90% of the amount granted or the amount that will then be decided by the EU. So at the Mise they propose to strengthen the Guarantee Fund for manufacturing companies particularly affected by expensive energy with 1 billion euros. A measure intended for around 150,000 companies and aimed at encouraging, where possible, the rescheduling of amortization plans in order to make the debts already contracted more sustainable.

More powers at Mister Prices

The role of the “Price Guarantor” will then be strengthened, which will be able to ask companies for data, news and specific elements that have led to price changes. In case of non-reply within 10 days, an administrative sanction from 500 to 5000 euros is foreseen.

Raw materials, a brake on exports

To counter the shortage of strategic raw materials for our production chains, a control of exports to non-EU countries is envisaged. The operations must be notified to Mise and foreign countries with at least 10 days’ notice and may be authorized only with a specific decree of the Prime Minister. In the event of non-compliance, administrative sanctions equal to 30% of the value of the transaction and in any case not less than 100 thousand euros will be envisaged.

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The agriculture package

The Minister of Agriculture Patuanelli instead aims to obtain energy-intensive status for agricultural activities and allow them to reduce the costs of fertilizers, these too skyrocketed with the war. So he proposes a moratorium on mortgages and the possibility for companies to renegotiate their debts and six months of deduction of social security charges. The Minister of Labor Orlando, on the other hand, announced yesterday that it is considering using the “transition fund” to help companies affected by expensive energy, while the Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing an ad hoc regulation for road transport, a sector that is awaiting answers. concrete by the government has postponed its strike to 4 April.

No to hostile takeovers

Tomorrow’s decree will also include a strengthening of the special powers assigned to the government to protect the country’s strategic activities, in particular 5G. The extension of the fields of application of the Golden power powers established during the Covid pandemic would thus be fully operational, on the French model, and at the same time the structure in charge of evaluation would be strengthened.

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