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These 7 graphics show how freelancers are doing

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These 7 graphics show how freelancers are doing

For 52 percent, this independence is very important. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need social interactions with their customers, says industrial psychologist Hannes Zacher. Clients should “respect freelancers’ need for autonomy, but also pay attention to a framework for the experience of competence and social integration, create structures for feedback and give freelancers a certain sense of belonging.”

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Anyone thinking about taking the step into self-employment should have sufficient financial buffers. Exactly how big depends on your personal circumstances: How many children need to be looked after, how many family members need to be cared for, how many loans need to be paid off? Regardless, Hartmut Walz, behavioral economist with a focus on finance, has a rule of thumb: It is “desirable to be able to survive for six to twelve months without income,” he says. A good 22,300 euros is what those surveyed in the report recommend on average as reserves.

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