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These are the best tariffs for building savings

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These are the best tariffs for building savings

But building savings also has some disadvantages that potential building savers should consider, including the relatively long lead times: “You have to wait several years until the loan can be paid out – it cannot be used ad hoc,” says building savings specialist Hübner. On average, it takes eight to ten years before building savers can use their savings plus the agreed loan. However, thanks to the flexibility, a contract can always be adapted to individual needs, adds Hübner. This also makes it possible to pay out at short notice by adjusting certain parameters. The low interest rate on credit can also have a detrimental effect. Especially if the loan is not used later. Then the money was badly spent. “In addition, the credit in the building savings contract is not freely available,” she adds. “Once saved, it stays there and cannot be taken out without disadvantages.” Another disadvantage is the closing fee, which can be quite high depending on the building savings amount.

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