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These celebrity founders have left their startup

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These celebrity founders have left their startup

Many well-known founders have left operational management in the past few months, including the makers of Pitch, Tier or Tonies Pitch, Tonies, Code University, Kuno, Mitte, Tier

Startups often resemble a wild river that takes founders on a journey to an unknown destination. But while some operators ride the current to the bitter end, others decide to get out on a remote bank – and leave the helm to their successor. The reasons vary: Some feel trapped in a manager role for a long time and want to start all over again. Others leave involuntarily. Be it because things are not working economically or they have made a faux pas.

In fact, it is currently becoming increasingly common for founder-CEOs to leave their startups. According to a study by the executive recruiting platform Erevena, more founders left their startups in 2023 than at any time since 2017.

300 VC-financed European companies that were founded between 2010 and 2020 were examined. It turns out: 81 percent of companies are still led by their original CEOs. However, 19 percent have made a change at the top. And a full 36 percent of them lost their founding CEO last year, according to the study – more than in the Corona year 2020.

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