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Third mandate: Salvini strengthens, Zaia on the ropes

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Third mandate: Salvini strengthens, Zaia on the ropes

Lega, Zaia launches ultimatum to government on autonomy. Photo Lapresse

Third mandate rejected: Salvini strengthens himself, Zaia on the ropes

So, why did Matteo Salvini tear up his third term? Why did he do it in light of an almost certain defeat? And why did he do it despite Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s belief in the withdrawal of the amendment?

Because Matteo Salvini, unlike the secretary of the PD Elly Schlein, carried out to the letter – and could not have done otherwise – the decisions of the party imposed by the wing headed by the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia.

Salvini knew about the doorstep and – as an experienced calculator – he stood to the side (also thanks to the three-way photo on the electoral stage in Cagliari) so that the blow would land straight in the face of his historic rival: that Luca Zaia who, intoxicated by his fellow governors Stefano Bonaccini and Vincenzo De Luca, was sure of the PD’s positive vote.

A vote which, unlike the one-stop vote, did not come with all due respect to the shrewd Salvini who doesn’t even think about betraying in Sardinia or breaking the government alliance. Far from it!

Those who emerge with broken bones from this affair are, on the right, the president of Veneto and, on the opposite side, the governors of Emilia Romagna and Campania mocked by their own secretary.

But as we know, nothing is ever concluded in Italian politics and the pantomime of the third mandate is destined – we can swear given the many by-partisan interests – to recur in the chamber, but this first round was won hands down by Matteo Salvini.

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The gentleman is more politically savvy than one might think. Zaia, docet!

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