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Third mandate, the League withdraws the amendment on mayors

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Third mandate, the League withdraws the amendment on mayors

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Third mandate, the League withdraws the amendment on mayors but the one for governors remains

The League withdrew the amendment to the elections bill to introduce a third mandate for the mayors of large cities. The proposal was opposed by the government.

“Parliament votes. Is there a mandate for parliamentarians? Parliament votes”: this is the ‘hot’ response of the deputy prime minister and leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, interviewed by Agorà on Rai 3, when asked about the invitation to the League from Alberto Balboni (FdI) in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Senate to withdraw the amendment on the third termor. What will those of the League do?, asks the interviewer. “TOthey will move forward – Salvini’s response – let’s let the citizens decide. It seems to me to be a matter of common sense. Parliamentarians have no limits on their mandates…”.

The motion of no confidence in Action supported by the Pd and M5s? “Motions, requests for resignation are made one a week. They opened an investigation into the Bridge over the Strait before work started. There is a left that doesn’t want anything to be done. I’m moving forward. The Bridge, Italy is waiting for it for 50 years. They asked me to resign I don’t know how many times.” This is the response of the deputy prime minister, transport minister and leader of the League Matteo Salvini, intercepted by the cameras of Agorà on Rai 3 at the municipal market of Cagliari. “Am I at risk of going to prison for having blocked a Spanish ship that was carrying irregular immigrants to Italy instead of Spain? Yes. Am I on trial? Yes, but I was the Minister of the Interior and I had to protect the country. I am aware of the motions of Conte, Schlein, Calenda I’m of zero interest, with all the love for Conte, Schlein and Calenda. I’m in charge of building roads and bridges”, adds Salvini.

We have always had the same position on the issue, to do two mandates as regional president or mayor of a large municipality they are more than sufficient both for the amount of work and for having a generational turnover, thus ensuring a new ruling class. If the system has worked up until now, I don’t see why we need to change it.” Thus on Radio Anch’io the deputy group leader in the Chamber of Deputies and spokesperson for Forza Italia, Raffaele Nevi. “In small municipalities the situation is different, there is difficulty in finding people who make themselves available and we are talking about simpler management, in large municipalities the commitment on a personal level is totally different and then, once the commitment is finished administrative, you can dedicate yourself to something else. The topic is not in the government pact, with the League there is an internal dialectic even with differences of views but then everything is submitted to the vote of Parliament without affecting the stability of the majority and the government”, he adds.

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