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This deadline applies to your income tax return in 2024

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This deadline applies to your income tax return in 2024

The normal tax return deadline only applies to those who are required to file an income tax return. These are citizens with an individual tax allowance on their income tax card, married people with a combination of tax classes 3 and 5 or 4 with a factor, and tax class 6 for a partner. Citizens who have received more than 410 euros in wage replacement benefits (e.g. unemployment, sickness, parental or short-time work benefits) in addition to their wages must also submit a tax return Additional income of more than 410 have euros (for example from rental income) or are self-employed. If you receive commissions for brokerage transactions, you can only earn 256 euros in tax-free income per year without being obliged to submit a tax return. The same applies to the rental and lending of movable objects. For example, if taxpayers transfer a car to another person for a fee. In this case, a tax return must also be submitted. These amounts should also apply to the 2024 tax years. Other income depends on the currently applicable exemption limits, which, however, change annually.

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