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This is how it continues after the warning strike

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This is how it continues after the warning strike

Mith a major warning strike, the EVG and Verdi unions largely paralyzed rail, air and shipping traffic throughout the country. Commuters and travelers were prepared. There was no major traffic chaos. But the effects should also be felt in the first half of the day on Tuesday.

In rail traffic in particular, it should take a few hours before everything runs smoothly again. According to Bahn, after the long-distance traffic has come to a complete standstill, it will take some time before the trains leave the depots and the staff are back where they are needed. Travelers must therefore be prepared for cancellations and delays in the first half of the day. The restrictions also affect regional and S-Bahn traffic to a lesser extent.

Frankfurt Airport advises travelers to plan enough time

The airport association ADV assumes that air traffic can quickly start as planned. It is not the first warning strike of this kind, even if the scale is large this time, said a spokeswoman for the association. In earlier warning strikes, the ramp-up worked largely smoothly. Nevertheless, Frankfurt Airport advises travelers to check the status of their flight early and allow enough time. Due to the strike, it is possible that there will be longer waiting times on Tuesday.

For the days up to and during Easter, at least the EVG no longer wants to call warning strikes in rail traffic. “Since we do not want to strike the travelers, but the employers, we can announce that we will not negotiate over Easter and therefore not go on strike,” said EVG collective bargaining board member Kristian Loroch.

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