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This is where the Russians get their cars from

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This is where the Russians get their cars from

Dima is the best example of how the Russian sanctions have provided traders in Kyrgyzstan with additional sources of income. Together with his father, Dima has been moving junk cars out of Germany for years. In Kyrgyzstan they give them a second life. They pimped up the Unimog in their garage from a craftsman in Neuwied: refitted the interior, replaced the engine, repaired dents and repainted it. “If the seller saw it now, he would want it back,†says Dima with a smile, lifting the hood and showing photos of the former rusty house for comparison. This is his main business; he has loved working on cars since he was little, says Dima. The Russian business, on the other hand, runs on the phone as the network is there. “Everyone here, whether a surgeon or a baker, who has some money is now a car dealer,†he says.

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