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This startup impressed you the most in 2023

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This startup impressed you the most in 2023

We asked you: Which is the startup of the year? It was an exciting race. Now the top places in the Gründerszene Awards 2023 have been determined.

Founder scene

We asked you which startup made the most impression on you last year – and you voted in large numbers. We would like to thank you very much for your active participation! After carefully evaluating all the votes, we are pleased to announce the winner of the Gründerszene Award 2023 today.

In first place: the drone startup Wingcopter!

The three Wingcopter founders Ansgar Kadura, Tom Plümmer and Jonathan Hesselbarth (from left) Wingcopter / Peter Jülich

Tom Plümmer, the visionary founder of the drone startup Wingcopter, has experienced a remarkable rise with his company. In Darmstadt he built a company that specializes in the development and operation of drones – a concept he calls “drone-as-a-service”. Wingcopter has made a name for itself through successful projects such as transporting essential medicines to remote regions of Malawi and Vanuatu. These successes have not only proven the functionality and usability of the drones, but also aroused the interest of investors – as in a 38 million euro round in June 2022 – and customers.

In a time characterized by economic difficulties and uncertainty in the startup world, Wingcopter has shown remarkable resilience and innovative strength. We say: Congratulations!

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Neura Robotics

David Reger founded Neura Robotics. Neura Robotics

David Reger, the founder of Neura Robotics, is at the forefront of a special development revolution in the field of robotics. Based in Metzingen in Baden-Württemberg, Neura Robotics has specialized in the development of the world‘s first cognitive robot, an innovation that is intended to shake up the field of robotics. The robots from Neura Robotics are characterized by an integration of sensors and artificial intelligence, which allows them to be used for a wide range of tasks without specific programming. The robots can carry out complex tasks such as welding or handling tools using simple voice commands or gestures.

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Reger’s idea is convincing: Former Tesla investor Stephen George is betting with 15 million euros, which he invested in October 2023, that the startup can achieve great things. His ambition to build a successful robotics market in Germany is reflected in the innovative strength of Neura Robotics.



Since its founding in 2016, Zolar has not only established itself as a pioneer in the solar industry, but has also attracted significant investments of around 140 million euros. The company, which has seen a remarkable increase in demand for solar systems, offers a simple and efficient solution for homeowners to plan and install photovoltaic systems. With the ambitious goal of supplying over ten million private households in Europe with renewable energy by 2030, Zolar is one of the pioneers of the climate tech industry. In May 2023, the Berlin-based solar startup experienced a significant change in its leadership when founder Alex Melzer decided to change his role. He has handed over the CEO position to Jamie Heywood, who will not only expand Zolar’s business activities, but also lead the company to the top position in the solar industry.

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