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Thousands of protesters roared in Zhengzhou: Down with the Communist Party of China! Zhengzhou | Foxconn | Resignation | Compensation | Confrontation | Conflict

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Thousands of protesters roared in Zhengzhou: Down with the Communist Party of China! Zhengzhou | Foxconn | Resignation | Compensation | Confrontation | Conflict

[Voice of Hope November 24, 2022](Our reporter Wan Fang/Fei Zhen interviewed and reported)After workers from Foxconn in Zhengzhou fled earlier this month, large-scale group protests erupted on the evening of the 23rd. The authorities sent a large number of police forces to suppress.

Several videos that went viral on the Internet showed that a large number of workers and police in white protective clothing broke out in fierce clashes. The police once fired tear gas and beat workers with long steel pipes; workers threw stones, took out fire extinguishers to fight back, and smashed vehicles. Kiosk with nucleic acid detection. During the period, someone shouted: “Down with the Chinese Communist Party”, “Why don’t you say it, you have to say it, if I don’t say it today, no one will say it tomorrow, can the Chinese Communist Party take our lives?!”.

The two sides fought fiercely all night, and some live broadcast workers claimed that tens of thousands of people participated in the protest. More than 40 people are said to have been arrested.

According to the latest report from the mainland media Finance Association, Foxconn will give 10,000 yuan to new employees who choose to leave their jobs and return to their hometowns, including various subsidies such as salary, isolation fees, lost wages, and bus fares. After scanning the resignation code to register for resignation, pay 8,000 yuan before boarding the bus, and pay 2,000 yuan within 4 hours after returning home and boarding the bus to scan the boarding code.

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Based on the information from all parties, there are roughly two reasons for the incident. One is that after the last mass escape, the newly recruited employees were dissatisfied with letting them live in the same dormitory with the old employees, and they were worried that some of these old employees were infected with the CCP virus; It is the factory’s promise to enjoy an additional 3,000 yuan job stability allowance after 30 days of employment, and another 3,000 yuan after 60 days of employment. However, on the evening of the 22nd, Foxconn announced the content of the contract, which means that they must be on the job on March 12 next year, and they cannot be absent for more than 7 and a half days for any reason, otherwise they will not receive a penny of allowances.

Foxconn issued a statement on the 23rd, stating that the subsidy has always been implemented in accordance with the contract and will continue to communicate with relevant employees. And there is no situation where workers live in the same dormitory with workers who tested positive for the CCP virus. Before new employees move in, the dormitories must be disinfected and accepted by the local government.

A Chinese lawyer who requested anonymity told Voice of Hope that the reluctance of new employees to stay with old employees is due to the authorities’ exaggeration of the dangers of the virus. “The domestic anti-epidemic mechanism lacks science, which makes the domestic people too fearful. In fact, this contradiction should not have arisen. This involves a conflict between the entire epidemic prevention policy and the reality to solve the problem.”

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Thought Tank columnist Zhao Junshuo once visited Foxconn, said that based on his personal experience, Foxconn treats its employees quite well, and people in mainland China think highly of it. However, after a large number of employees fled last time, the local authorities mobilized various villages to recruit more than 100,000 people. The situation is different. “So many new recruits were recruited at once, and then there may be misunderstandings, and such strict management must be carried out. The CCP’s zero-clearing policy is actually too strict, and it also makes the people so anxious, afraid that they will be fine if they are diagnosed. Things can’t be done, can’t work, so the CCP’s approach, I think it will spark more and more protests. Of course, Foxconn is highly dense, so it’s not surprising that things happen first.”

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory is part of Taiwan’s Hon Hai Group and has about 200,000 workers. It is an important iPhone maker. The factory and its upstream and downstream enterprises have provided more than 1 million local jobs.

In 2020, Zhengzhou Foxconn’s foreign trade exports totaled US$31.64 billion, ranking first in the country, contributing 80% of Zhengzhou’s total imports and exports, and 60% of Henan Province’s total imports and exports.

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