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Three major U.S. stock indexes mixed ups and downs, popular Chinese concept stocks fell

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On Thursday, Eastern Time, the three major US stock indexes rose and fell mixed. As of press time, the Dow fell 0.29%, the Nasdaq rose 0.43%, and the S&P 500 rose 0.23%.

On the disk, popular Chinese concept stocks fell.AlibabaFell more than 11% during the session,AlibabaAfter the second fiscal quarter adjustmentNet profit28.52 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 39%;BilibiliFell more than 15%,VipshopFell more than 18%.

Global economy

The British government intends to strengthen its control over technology giants such as Meta (FB.US) and Google (GOOGL.US)

According to media reports, Johnson told a council committee that it is time for the so-called large technology companies to realize that they cannot simply think of themselves as a neutral part of the infrastructure. They are content publishing platforms and should be responsible for the content on their systems. responsibility.

Johnson told a legislative group in London on Wednesday: “We hope to impose the most severe penalties on companies that operate online platforms. The purpose is to prohibit users from posting a large amount of disgusting content on these online platforms.”

The British government has previously warned Facebook under Meta Platforms to fully guarantee user safety, otherwise it will face criminal charges.

U.S. stocks in focus

Google sued by multiple states in the United States for using its monopoly to consolidate its advertising business

Recently, several states in the United States, led by Texas, accused Google of using monopoly status and coercive measures to bully advertisers to maintain a monopoly, and to combat competitors in the online advertising market.

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Google denied the allegation, and its spokesperson said that the lawsuit incorrectly described the company’s improvements in optimizing advertisers’ offers.

EU reached anti-competitive agreement against tech giants Google (GOOG.US), Amazon (AMZN.US) are listed

According to reports, the main political parties of the European Parliament have agreed to an agreement that will apply to companies with a market value of at least 80 billion euros ($91 billion) and provide at least one Internet service (such as online search).

Sister Mu: Tesla may occupy more than 20% of the car market in the next 5 years

Wood said that ifTeslaWe will be the first to realize autonomous driving in the United States, and we will be able to believe thatTeslaNot only will it occupy the largest share of the electric vehicle market, it will also occupy 20%-25% of the entire automotive market in the next five years.

U.S. stock company

NVIDIA “earned over”!Graphics card price rises, “Meta Universe” infrastructure curtain opened

With the increasing demand for high-performance computers and data centers around the world,NvidiaThe volume and price of the products can be described as rising. This year, GPU product prices have risen sharply, keeping the company’s gross profit margin above 65% for several consecutive quarters. since this year,NvidiaThe stock price continues to run wildly, rising 125% all the way, and its current market value exceeds $700 billion, making it the seventh largest company in the US stock market that surpasses Berkshire Hathaway and is second to Meta.

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Ali has a new action!Enter the car-hailing market and plan to invest in public travel

In the evening of November 17,Public transportationannouncementSaid that Volkswagen Travel plans to increase capital and increase shares to introduce investorsAlibaba, Alibaba will invest a total of 40 million yuan in Volkswagen Travel in two phases, with a shareholding ratio of 10%.

Station B becomes “the worst video platform this year”?Iqiyi is willing to bow down

In the third quarter financial report, B station revenue was 5.207 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%. The net loss was 2.686 billion yuan, compared with 1.109 billion yuan in the same period last year, and the loss increased by 144.01% year-on-year. The adjusted non-GAAP quarterly net loss was RMB 1.62 billion.

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