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Throw another 1 billion US dollars Tesla stock sold nearly 10 billion: Musk’s 10% cash out plan is over half_Reward

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Original title: Throw another $1 billion in Tesla shares and sell nearly 10 billion in total: Musk’s 10% cash out plan is over half

On November 24, according to SEC documents,Tesla CEO sold another approximately $1.05 billion of Tesla stock on Tuesday night local time, This is the third time he has sold stocks this month.

Adding the US$6.9 billion and US$1.9 billion he sold in the previous two times, the total number of stocks sold this month is 9.2 million, valued at more than US$9.9 billion.He is halfway through his plan to sell 10% of Tesla shares.

So why does Musk want to sell stocks like crazy? This starts with a tweet.

As part of the compensation plan, Musk received a stock option award of 22.8 million shares in 2012 with an exercise price of $6.24 per share.

These options will expire in August next year. Because this part of the stock is used as employee benefits or rewards, Musk must pay up to 54.1% tax for this. According to the current stock price calculation,Taxes will exceed 15 billion U.S. dollars

On November 6, Musk launched a poll on Twitter asking whether his 62.5 million followers should sell 10% of Tesla shares. The voting results showed that nearly 58% of the 3.5 million votes supported the sale. .

So since November 8, Musk began to sell stocks frequently. After the latest sale,Tesla’s stock price plummeted by more than 4% on Tuesday, suspending its upward trend for several consecutive days, However, the stock has risen by more than 50% this year.

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