Home Business Tianfeng Securities assigns a Buy rating to China Mobile: Leading Global Operator, Accelerated Growth and Profitability Continues to Improve_ 东方 Fortune.com

Tianfeng Securities assigns a Buy rating to China Mobile: Leading Global Operator, Accelerated Growth and Profitability Continues to Improve_ 东方 Fortune.com

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  Tianfeng SecuritiesReleased on January 10Research reportSay, giveChina Mobile(600941.SH) Buy rating. The reasons for rating mainly include: 1)China MobileThe network scale and user scale have obvious leading advantages. C-terminal business benefited from speeding up and fee reduction to precise fee reduction, superimposed on the rapid increase of 5G penetration rate, the continuous development of value-added services such as smart homes, ARPU; 2) The value stabilization and recovery trend is established, and the fundamentals of C-terminal business are comprehensively improving; 3)China MobileThe government and enterprise markets are accelerating the integration of information technology into thousands of industries, and the revenue growth of mobile cloud and DICT is leading the industry, promoting the expansion of 5G vertical industries to maintain industry leadership. The 2B/2G business is expected to promote the continuous improvement of the company’s overall growth rate; 4) Capital expenditure and operational efficiency will be further improved, with sufficient cash flow, and attention toshareholderReturn, with investors; 5) Sharing the company’s high-quality development results; 6) The company’s fundamentals are improving in an all-round way, the ARPU value has steadily rebounded, and the 5G penetration rate has continued to grow. 5G applications; 7) Governments, enterprises and emerging businesses give full play to core advantages such as network resources and technical reserves to promote the 2B/2G industry. Risk warning: industry competition has intensified, price cut pressures exceed expectations, new business progress has not met expectations, 5G business models are not yet mature, international environmental impacts, information security risks, policy risks, and valuation assumptions.New crotchThe risk of greater short-term stock price volatility.

AI Comments:China Mobile4 copies in the past monthBrokerageThe research report pays attention to buying 3 companies with an average target price of 83.02 yuan.

(Source: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

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Original title: Tianfeng Securities assigned a buy rating to China Mobile, leading global operator, accelerating growth and continuing to improve profitability

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