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Tianhe shares plans to establish no more than 100 county-level agricultural service companies to help comprehensive rural revitalization_Guangdong Province

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Original title: Tianhe shares plans to establish no more than 100 county-level agricultural service companies to help comprehensive rural revitalization

Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network News recently, Tianhe shares issued the “Announcement on the Establishment of County Agricultural Service Companies”. The company plans to establish no more than 100 county agricultural service companies throughout Guangdong Province, each with a registered capital of 300. Ten thousand yuan. Among them, the company and its holding subsidiaries plan to contribute no less than 1.98 million yuan to each county-level agricultural service company, and city-level and below supply and marketing cooperatives and social capital plans to contribute no more than 1.02 million yuan to each county-level agricultural service company.

It is understood that the large-scale establishment of a county-level agricultural service company by Tianhe Co., Ltd. is a part of the construction of a professional agricultural supply and marketing service network in Guangdong Province, which is of great significance to the local “three rural” work. As one of the pilot provinces for comprehensive rural reforms across the country, an important reform content of Guangdong Province is to create an operation and service system that connects from top to bottom and cooperates with each other. Tianhe Co., Ltd. is a holding company under the Guangdong Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, and it plays a leading role in this process.

In December 2020, the “Guangdong Province’s Action Plan for Further Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives to Build a New Force in Agricultural Services” was issued, which clearly stated that it is necessary to take the lead in building a public agricultural socialized service system with the “three-in-one” comprehensive cooperation of production, supply and marketing, and credit as the main line. . A few days ago, a document issued by the Guangdong Supply and Marketing Cooperative once again stated that it would build a comprehensive service system covering the whole province. Among them, it proposed to use Tianhe Company as the provincial-level leading implementation platform to coordinate the supply and marketing cooperatives’ agricultural resources and technology resources in the province to build agriculture. Production service organization cluster.

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Professionals pointed out that the problems of Guangdong Province, such as large population and small land, land fragmentation, miniaturization of operations, and decentralization of services, are more prominent. This is not only a shortcoming of Guangdong’s “three rural” work, but also a “potential board.” Through the efficient coordination of professional services and service organizations, Guangdong can realize overtaking in corners and give full play to the supporting role of social services in modern agriculture. Tianhe shares provide downstream distributors and customers with a full range of agricultural technology services through various forms throughout the year, and has accumulated rich experience and technical advantages.

Tianhe shares have long focused on the field of agricultural material circulation services, and has established an agricultural technology service team with comprehensive knowledge, stable personnel, and reasonable structure. It has more than 100 professional agricultural technology service personnel and has rich and professional agricultural technology service promotion. At the same time, through the combination of internal training and external introduction, we have built an integrated agricultural material circulation and agricultural technology service system before, during and after sales. (Li Wuqiang)Return to Sohu to see more


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