Home Business Tim, expansion contract for 27 thousand workers, 2,200 exits and up to 650 hires

Tim, expansion contract for 27 thousand workers, 2,200 exits and up to 650 hires

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Tim, expansion contract for 27 thousand workers, 2,200 exits and up to 650 hires

In Tim comes the agreement on the maxi-expansion contract that will affect 27 thousand people. This is the way to contain the social repercussions of this transition phase towards the Unica Network, which Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil shared with the company after a long and complex negotiation that led to a hypothesis of an agreement – from submit to workers – which stands on 4 pillars. First of all, a training and retraining project with the involvement of about 27 thousand workers, reductions in working hours for the same number of workers, divided into three distinct percentages, namely 10%, 15% and 25%, differentiated by organizational areas. Finally, an accompanying pension plan that will concern 2,200 workers of TIM, Olivetti, Noovle, Sparkle and Telecontact Center which by November 30, 2023, will be no more than 60 months from the first effective date for the pension treatment. This means that between this year and next there will be 2,200 voluntary exits with a 5 or 6 year slide towards retirement, using expansion and isopension. The use of isopension will allow those who leave to almost totally amortize the impact of the early exit, while the expansion contract will allow the training and coaching of young people who will enter, which according to what the unions estimate, will be up to 650 .

Securing the occupational perimeter

For the trade unions, this is “an agreement that aims to secure the group’s employment perimeter for the next few months by minimizing economic losses for people,” explains Riccardo Saccone, national secretary of the Slc CGIL. Certainly «it does not solve the structural problems of the company but essentially looks at the protection of people. The knots linked to a wrong and mainly financial business plan all remain on the table. After all, even the judgment of the markets seems particularly severe with the overall system ».

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The 200 million savings

Salvo Ugliarolo, secretary general of Uilcom, considers the agreement “a fair balance between the situation in which Tim finds himself and the protection of female workers, albeit in a very complicated framework in which the serious economic and industrial crisis of the group is certainly not overcome. but we arrive at an employment stability for the next few months, guaranteeing, with this agreement, a shared path avoiding leaks forward or worse unilateral choices that would have put, in such a delicate moment, Tim’s staff at risk, also taking into account the fact that the current government will carry out the mere handling of current affairs until the elections on 25 September next ». Even Ugliarolo, which estimates over 200 million euros in savings through this agreement, is keen to reiterate the “clear opposition to the Unica Network project which, as a trade union, we have contested since the beginning and on which, even today, we remain absolutely convinced is a wrong choice on which we will continue also with the next government to ask for a real table of comparison to explain our reasons for this industrial choice that cannot be shared ». Alessandro Faraoni, general secretary of Fistel Cisl adds that “while not agreeing with Tim’s business plan which provides for the separation of the network from services”, this agreement is satisfactory because “it guarantees wage and employment continuity in a company that suffers from the heavy contraction of market and low marginality “.

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