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TIM, Mef on Opa Kkr: the interest of these investors ‘in important Italian companies is positive news for the country’

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“The Government acknowledges the interest in Tim shown by qualified institutional investors”. This is what the Ministry of Economy and Finance commented in a note, in relation to the latest developments concerning the Telecom Italia telecommunications group, which ended up in the crosshairs of the American fund Kkr, which expressed its intention – reads the note of TIM – “to carry out a possible transaction on TIM shares through a public purchase offer (OPA) on 100% of the Company’s ordinary and savings shares, aimed at delisting”.

“The interest of these investors in making investments in important Italian companies is positive news for the country – reads the note from the ministry led by Daniele Franco – If this should materialize, it will be the market in the first place to evaluate the solidity of the project. “.

“Tim is the largest telephony operator in the country – continues the Treasury note – It is also the company that holds the most significant part of the telecommunications infrastructure. with regard to the exercise of its prerogatives, projects involving the infrastructure “.

The Mef clarifies that “the Government’s objective is to ensure that these projects are compatible with the rapid completion of the ultra-broadband connection, as set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with the necessary investments in the development of the infrastructure, and with the safeguarding and growth of employment “.

Consequently, it was decided that the affair will be monitored by a “Working Group made up of government representatives holding the institutional skills mainly involved, as well as the Administrations and experts”.

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Following the extraordinary board meeting, which took place yesterday afternoon, TIM issued a note specifying that “the price indicated by KKR in the Expression of Interest, to be paid entirely in cash – to be considered to the state, as well as not binding, also merely indicative – it would be equal to € 0.505 per ordinary or savings share “.

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