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Timeshare panels, first project for energy-intensive companies

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Timeshare panels, first project for energy-intensive companies

The energy crisis is pushing energy-intensive companies to free themselves from traditional supply contracts and to organize themselves. The first project for the aggregation of consumers of energy from renewable sources is kicking off these days, with three Italian industrial excellences as protagonists.

The companies that have invested

Afv Acciaierie Beltrame Spa, primary European steel group leader in the merchant laminate market, Altair Chimica Spa, leader in the production and marketing of products for the inorganic chemistry industry, and a leading company in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector have invested a total of 30 million , in the first system of photovoltaic plants (from 24 megawatts) that supplies renewable energy remotely.

The role of Renewability

The new model of self-production and remote sustainable consumption (different from the energy community which is instead grouped on a territorial level) is called Renewability, whose founding partners are Epq and Dolomiti Energia Trading. It is a reality of companies aggregated in a consortium company that invest in the purchase of photovoltaic systems built by Epq, also with the support of other partners, in various parts of the national territory and which can bring the energy produced by the plants to the sites of member companies everywhere in Italy.

In the case of the first project, in which 5 plants are coming into operation these weeks to start and supply energy at the beginning of 2023, the solar parks are distributed between Lazio and Abruzzo while the purchasing companies have production facilities in various areas of the country. The added value of this model, in addition to the undoubted contribution to the sustainability process, is the possibility of self-producing electricity at a low and fixed cost for a period of 25-30 years. “This initiative does not require public incentives, because it benefits from the advantages it generates through the cost-effectiveness of the project – explains Sarah Jane Jucker, president of Renewability and managing partner of Epq -. The supply of energy is at advantageous prices: the total price is around 60 euros per megawatt hour (against the 470 euros of the market, ed). It is calculated considering the initial capital and maintenance costs and distributing the amount over the life of the plant. Our model is unique in Italy, but I also believe in Europe ».

Future projects

The system conceived by Renewability provides for successive expansion phases: new plants will be built and therefore the companies that today participate in the initiative can invest again and increase the supply of energy. Or new members can join. «The current partners are energy-intensive companies that are unable to satisfy all their energy needs with these plants, but are starting to reduce the weight of the bill – continues Jucker -. Right now we have a very strong interest, there are many more requests than the projects we are able to develop. There are also many entities other than energy-intensive companies, such as commercial companies, the service sector, large groups that are excluded from the support measures of the government. Then there are data servers, telecommunications, large distribution, sectors that need to accelerate in sustainability. Our model has the advantage of providing a very simplified access compared to those who have to build a plant on their own ».

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