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Tirrenia and Air Italy: transport chaos for Sardinia

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On the one hand, the Tirrenia affair, with six thousand workers awaiting the developments and decisions of the Milan court, on the other, the 1,383 of Air Italy in liquidation hanging between a collective dismissal procedure initiated and the cig (which could be renewed) expiring on June 30th. These are the two disputes still open and to be addressed during the start of the tourist season, which marks a clear recovery compared to last year.


Cin Tirrenia, the shipping company of the Onorato group, recently presented the request for a continuity agreement to the Milan court. Proposal that provides for the maintenance of jobs (six thousand are employed) and of the routes “also not providing for any type of public contribution by conventions but always operating under a free market regime”. Within fifteen days from the filing, the documentation that integrates the request must be presented. From the company then an opening to trade unions to deal with the dispute. And also to the Ministry of Economic Development.



Also waiting for answers are the six thousand workers employed in the various connection lines, which have been strengthened precisely in the light of the start of the summer season and which will continue to operate. Precisely for this reason, the Fit Cisl, asking for “certainty on the future employment levels of the workers of Cin”, urged “the start of a detailed discussion regarding the new industrial plan”. “In the context – continues the Fit-Cisl – it is also urgent to discuss with the Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility”.

The tourist season

The dispute, which will come alive in the summer, does not seem to have repercussions on the summer season. Not only is there a growth in bookings, as reported by the Company, but several connections have been strengthened since May 20. On Olbia Genoa (round trip) until 3 October departure and night travel from both Genoa and Olbia. And then from “July 14 to September 11, the line” will be further strengthened with the inclusion of another ship with freedom of choice between those who prefer the day crossing or those who prefer the night crossing “. A choice that will also be offered in the high season on the Genoa-Porto Torres-Genoa in the summer with the most options ever with Moby and Tirrenia ”. In the list, until 30 September, the Livorno-Bastia-Livorno, the fastest bridge between Italy and Corsica. And until 19 September “the Genoa-Bastia-Genoa”.

Air Italy

Then there is the matter of Air Italy, the Sardinian Qatari airline in liquidation since last year. The company has started the procedures for the collective dismissals of 1,383 employees distributed between Malpensa and Olbia. In fact, at the end of June the redundancy fund expires. A request has been made by the unions and the Region for the liquidators of the company to present an application for an extension of the social safety nets until the end of December.

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