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Today’s Stock Exchanges, December 2nd. Cautious price lists ahead of US job data. Takeover bid by De Agostini on DeA Capital

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Today’s Stock Exchanges, December 2nd.  Cautious price lists ahead of US job data.  Takeover bid by De Agostini on DeA Capital

MILAN – An interlocutory departure has been announced for European lists, waiting to read the data on US jobs which – a few days before the slowdown in inflation – could clearly show that the Fed can slow down its monetary tightening. Tokyo also moved down the day after the mixed closure of Wall Street, where the decline in the construction sector weighed more than the PCE index in October which certified the slowdown in prices.

Blackstone, stop redemptions on the mega-real estate fund

Blackstone has decided to limit divestments from its real estate fund, after a sharp increase in redemption requests from investors. In a letter published on the website of the Blackstone real estate income trust, created six years ago, the mega fund announced that redemption requests have already exceeded the quarterly limit of 5% for the REIT (Real estate investment trust), which had 69 billion dollars of net assets at the end of October. The news that Blackstone is limiting fund redemptions weighs on the performance of its stock, which lost 7% on the Nasdaq yesterday.

Unicredit, agreement for 850 hired. 2,400 between result bonus and cost of living bonus arrive

Agreement reached between Unicredit and trade unions on turnover: an important economic recognition is also provided for the disbursement to all employees in the Italian perimeter of a total amount of 2,400 euros which includes 800 euros detaxed in the form of welfare (so-called ‘cost-of-life bonus’) paid with the salary for December 2022. The figure also includes a one-off productivity bonus (Vap 2022) of 1,510 euros, again as welfare (930 euros for those who choose payroll payment) and a contribution to the dental policy of 88.70 euros . The agreement also regards company-financed training which is valorised and made central, the new professional figures of the commercial network and the alignment of parental leave to the National Collective Labor Agreement.

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Takeover bid by De Agostini on the subsidiary DeA Capital

The de Agostini group launches a total takeover bid on the subsidiary DeA Capital, with the aim of canceling the listing of the stock on the Stock Exchange. De Agostini already controls 67.062% of DeA Capital, the offer concerns 32.156% of the capital, equal to 85.7 million shares; the remaining securities are treasury shares in portfolio. The offer, which will be launched through the company Nova srl, is for a consideration of 1.50 dollars per share, including coupons relating to any dividends distributed by the issuer, against a yesterday’s stock market price of 1.144 euros, for a total value of 128 million euro.

Tokyo closes down with Wall Street

Closure in sharp decline for the Tokyo stock exchange, conditioned by the losses of Wall Street and by the yen recovering on the currency markets. The benchmark Nikkei 225 index fell 1.59% to 27,777.90, while the Topix index fell 1.64% to 1,953.98 points.

Weak futures on Europe and the USA

Futures down on the main European stock exchanges, after the drop on Wall Street following the employment data. In Frankfurt, the future on the Dax is down 0.12%, while in London, the future on the Ftse 100 is down 0.13%.

Futures contracts also down on Wall Street after yesterday’s negative session. The Dow Jones marks a drop of 0.13%, while the future on the S&P 500 loses 0.14% and that on the Nasdaq retreats by 0.31%.

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