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Tod’s, Chiara Ferragni joins the board of directors and the stock flies to the stock market

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Chiara Ferragni joins the Tod’s board of directors. The news, given this morning, was motivated by the company of president Diego Della Valle with the need on the part of companies to deal with social commitment, solidarity towards others and sustainability in respect of the environment and dialogue with the younger generations .

Following the news, Tod’s shares jumped higher in Piazza Affari, where the company is now among the best stocks with a 9.8% gain at € 31.58. Tod’s, which yesterday closed with a capitalization of 945 million euros, is now worth almost 1,040 million with a “Ferragni effect” therefore quantifiable in almost 100 million euros.


«I am very pleased that Chiara Ferragni has joined the Tod’s board of directors» comments Della Valle, then continuing: «Chiara’s knowledge of the world of young people will certainly be precious. Furthermore, together, we will try to build solidarity and support projects for those in greatest need, raising awareness and involving the new generations more and more in operations of this type ».

Tod’s is certain that Ferragni’s knowledge of the world of young people, combined with the experience of the members of the board of directors, can build a thought group dedicated to projects focused on solidarity with others, with a strong focus on the world of young people who, never as in this moment, it needs to be heard. For his part, Ferragni, CEO of Fenice and Tbs crew, commented: «I thank Diego Della Valle for the trust and respect he has towards me as a woman and manager. Joining the Tod’s group means giving a voice to my generation with one of the excellences of Italy in the world ».

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The Counts of Phoenix (formerly Serendipity)

Chiara Ferragni from 2019 leads as CEO Serendipity, a company that sees in the shareholder structure as the first shareholder from Alchimia di Paolo Barletta, in addition to the 32.5% entrepreneur and the two companies of the Puugliese entrepreneur Pasquale Morgese (Esuriens and N1) at 13 , 75% each. Company that on the occasion of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of 20 October 2020 changed its name to Fenice, because, as Ferragni herself explained at the meeting, “the change of name corresponds to a new corporate phase
development of the company and that the chosen name is an omen for the success of this new business phase ».

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