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Togo: almost 40 million euros for water supply systems

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The Togolese government expects to spend at least 25 billion Cfa francs (equal to about 38 million euros) on water supply projects in 2023. The allocation is 8% higher than what was foreseen the previous year.

Among the projects scheduled are the implementation of the national water supply plan and the Program to support vulnerable populations (Papv). Launched in February 2021, the national water supply plan calls for the installation of more than 300 water pumps in northern Togo. This will be done through Passco, a project to improve sanitation conditions in schools and rural areas in the regions of Kara and Savanes.

The Papv, for its part, is a project that aims to provide drinking water to the most vulnerable people. It should enter a new stage of development, with financial and technical support from the EU and China.

There is also another project, the local press recalled today, which concerns Lomé and its surroundings and which should be accelerated. It is a project that was the focus of a meeting held in December 2022 during which the financial partners of Togo pledged to provide more than 230 million euros. [Da Redazione InfoAfrica]

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Read our focus on the initiatives to be implemented to protect the precious water resources of the continent: https://www.africaeaffari.it/rivista/la-grande-sfida-dellacqua

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